Let’s face it. Our society is driven by consumerism, constantly bombarding us with messages that MORE is better. But the endless pursuit of material possessions leads to physical clutter… lots of it!

The stress and anxiety that comes from excess stuff can take a toll on our well-being, leaving us feeling drained and unfulfilled. If you’ve been asking yourself:

Sometimes Change Happens When You Least Expect It

When a specific moment or event occurs that literally turns your head to something more meaningful and far more important than stuff, it happens when you least anticipate it.

In my TED talk, Why Less is More, I share my personal story of a trip to a Third World country, when for the first time in my life, I experienced people who had nothing but were happy. All I knew at that moment was that I, too, wanted to experience that kind of simple and joyful living. That’s when I started my own downsizing and decluttering journey. I was inspired to live my life with less stuff and more happiness.

Sometimes Change Happens Over a Long Period of Time

You are just tired of chasing the never-ending cycle of MORE stuff, MORE prestige, MORE of everything.

Sometimes it happens when you find yourself longing for a different kind of MOREMORE meaning and fulfillment, more peace and contentment, NOT more stuff or more gadgets.

Regardless of when the lightbulb goes off, regardless of when you start to feel the shift, the very thought of living a simpler life with less becomes exciting and far more appealing than adding more to your cluttered home, busy schedule, or overbooked calendar.

In fact, once you’ve experienced that transformational moment, that turning point in your life, the desire to declutter your stuff, minimize distractions, and simplify your life grows stronger. 

  • You’re tired of your possessions owning you, consuming your time, money, energy, and freedom.
  • You’re fed up with the ever-present desire for MORE that has taken over your life.
  • You’re ready for a simpler life with less stuff, less stress, with more meaning, contentment, and peace.

The reality is that once you’ve turned that corner, once you’ve committed to living a simpler life with less, you’re already halfway there! And it just gets easier after that.

It All Starts with Decluttering!

The practice of intentionally letting go of both physical and mental clutter provides you with a new sense of freedom so you can start focusing on what matters to you.

Choosing to declutter physical possessions helps make room for a simpler life that brings you happiness and fulfillment based on what you value and care about.

Choosing to let go of mental clutter helps to remove the roadblock that prevented you from living authentically and true to your own values, not someone else’s.

When you relieve yourself from the physical and mental burdens, you create space for healthier and happier relationships, new experiences, and personal growth. You naturally feel lighter, happier, and more liberated!

The Benefits of Simplifying Your Life: Here Are A Few Things To Keep in Mind as You Declutter

1.    Less stress.

Fewer visual distractions mess with your mind, causing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

2.    Saves time.

You will no longer waste hours looking for things because you will not only own less stuff, but every item will have a “home.”

3.    Saves money.

With less stuff comes less maintenance. There’s no need for a storage unit and certainly moving is much easier.

4.    More space.

More space to live, work, and play. The uncluttered space is also more efficient allowing you to focus and be more productive.

5.    More peace.

Once you have decluttered, your home is now a respite or sanctuary where you are free to relax, enjoy and re-energize.

6.    More time, money, freedom, and energy.

The pursuit of what matters most to you becomes most important so you can literally design a life that you’ve always wanted.

3 Basics Strategies to Get Started on Your Journey to Simplifying Your Life

1.    Start small.

One drawer, one shelf, one closet at a time. As you sort through your belongings room by room, carefully look at each item and ask…

Does it truly add to your life?

If not, let it go.

Do you need it, is it essential?

If not, let it go.

Does it serve a purpose, will you use it?

If not, let it go.

2.    Visualize each room and how each area should function.

What is the purpose of each room?

What is essential to making it function?

Does that item belong in that room or somewhere else?

Once you have narrowed down the items in that room to only what it needs to accomplish its function, consider what the room should look like to make it pleasing to you.

Organize that room, so each item has a particular “home” so you can easily locate it when you need it.

3.   Cultivate a mindset of gratitude.

There is irony in owning less.

The less you own, the more you value what you have. Your space is now simpler, more functional, and more organized, you will start to experience the game-changing peace, contentment, and freedom that comes when you simplify your life.

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