Minimalist Living: What is Clutter Blindness?

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Have you ever gotten so used to seeing something that you don’t even notice it anymore? The boots and snow shovels from last winter that still sit in your mudroom. The old winter coats that no longer fit but take up room in your hall closet. The kid’s trophies [...]

How To Lead A Minimalist Lifestyle 

Do You Want To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle?  Are you tired of all the clutter in your home? Do you dream of living a minimalist lifestyle? Do you wish you could easily learn minimalist tips for decluttering your home? If so – I have good news for you! Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. [...]

Baby Boomers! We Have Too Much Stuff! What Are We Going to Do About It?

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Do you know that the average American household has over 300,000 items in it according to LA Times? And many of us baby boomers have much more “stuff” than that! Perhaps you’ve become blinded to the actual amount of stuff you have in your home. You just don’t see [...]

Looking For Minimalist Ideas For Your Home? 

Are You Interested In Minimalist Home Ideas?  Minimalist design is a great way to bring a feeling of organization and sophistication into your home. If you are interested in minimalist living and want to try minimalist home design in your home, look no further! You can learn more about the minimalist lifestyle when you learn [...]

Don’ts and Dos of Downsizing in Your 60s

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you are in your 60s, you might be thinking a lot about downsizing and decluttering: Moving to a smaller home. Preparing your home for aging in place. Getting your home and your life in order “just in case” something happens. Or maybe you just want a different kind [...]

Downsizing and Decluttering in Your 60s: When and How to Start

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer “The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” ~ Socrates What is it about turning 60 that changes us? I have a big birthday coming up soon so perhaps I’m being a little nostalgic, meaning this blog is coming [...]

5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Downsizing and Decluttering Journey

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer This blog is intended to set you up for success and lay a foundation with strategies for a successful decluttering and downsizing journey. If you are decluttering and downsizing, chances are you’re overwhelmed at the thought of the enormity of the job ahead of you. I know I was! [...]

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A Decluttering Home Checklist Regardless of Your Age

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer I just got off the phone with a new decluttering and downsizing client. Before we hung up, she thanked me profusely and then said, “I feel better already even though we haven’t even started! I already feel a huge sense of relief.” Why did she feel so relieved? Knowing [...]

Learn Decluttering Methods From Home 

Decluttering Checklists To Teach You How To Declutter Your Home  Do you find yourself unsure how to start decluttering your home? Do you wish you could learn more about decluttering before you try to declutter your home? Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins – and I can help you learn about decluttering with decluttering checklists, decluttering workbooks, [...]

Are You Ready To Learn About Decluttering? 

Get Rid Of Clutter Today  So you’ve decided you’re ready to declutter your home – but you’re not sure where to start. You need to learn about decluttering, but the thought seems overwhelming. You wonder if there are easy decluttering checklists you can follow. Or perhaps you want to be taught more in-depth about how [...]


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