Downsize by Decluttering

Downsizing is on the minds of many Americans…especially now! And, particularly with Baby Boomers who are or will become empty nesters in the not too distant future. With fewer day-to-day responsibilities, they’ve suddenly discovered more time and freedom to pursue interests that have been put on the back burner. And, even if you’re not a [...]

Empty Nester? What’s Next?

You just dropped off your youngest child at college and moved him into his dorm.  The ride home seems longer.  It’s quiet and tearful. You walk through the front door of your home where there are no more lacrosse sticks or gym bags to trip over.  There are no dirty socks on the family room [...]

Secrets to Living a Vacation Mindset Everyday

It was sure a bitter cold evening, a fire was blazing in the fireplace, and we carefully sipped the hot toddies that we cupped in our hands. I was sitting between my beloved ex-mother and father-in-law on their tiny, well-worn loveseat. I listened intently to story after story of their many trips taken during their [...]

New towns and new friends

Rita Good morning, and welcome to day 23 of my 30 day journey to the South of France and today I'm here with a new friend Patricia Brooks.  We're in this beautiful town that she chose to move to just a little over a couple of months ago, right?   Patricia I’ve been in France [...]

Discovering the Life I Love

Good afternoon. I just arrived in Marseille a few hours ago and I'm settling in to my tiny little hotel room on the fourth floor overlooking a beautiful tree line street.  A little jet lagged, but so excited to be here and to share my new adventure with you. Little did I know when I [...]

Welcome to my 30 day journey, working three playing four remotely in the south of France.

What is it about packing? Does anyone else have the same problem that I do? I started last week, five edits later, one carry on for 30 days in multiple locations in the south of France. But did I really need three yellow tops and three blue dresses?  As I was packing, I heard myself [...]

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By Rita S. Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer As a young girl growing up in Germany, our family of seven took frequent road trips to neighboring countries. Our mom was usually the instigator of these adventures. Dad was the consummate planner. In so many ways, they were the perfect team. She was curious, a learner, a [...]

Downsizing From the Inside Out – Make Room for the Life You REALLY Want

Have you downsized from a larger home to a smaller one? It was fun and easy, right? Do you still have unopened boxes that you have no clue what’s inside of them?     Have you ever asked yourself WHY you brought so many things with you even though you knew you were trying to downsize? [...]

8 Hacks to Glam Up Your Small Space

As a specialist in downsizing, along with years of remodeling for clients, I have come across many unique small homes that do a wonderful job of maximizing available space. The trick be minimal in your approach: remove clutter and focus on features that elicit feelings of openness: light, simplicity and air. But we need our [...]

Baby Boomers Want to Relax and Rejuvenate in 2018

  Baby boomers may be burning out, and looking to spend more time relaxing and rejuvenating on their next vacation, according to a recent AARP study. The Baby Boomer age group expects to take four or five leisure trips next year, spending almost $6,400 on travel (the same or more than they spent in 2017), [...]

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