Good afternoon. I just arrived in Marseille a few hours ago and I’m settling in to my tiny little hotel room on the fourth floor overlooking a beautiful tree line street.  A little jet lagged, but so excited to be here and to share my new adventure with you.

Little did I know when I booked this historic hotel, they have no elevators.  So as I was struggling up the stairs, a woman saw me and suggested I use something I’d never seen before.  It’s called a luggage elevator.  So tiny, it fits exactly the size of one carry on piece of luggage.  So glad it was there.

How to discover the life you love

Over the next 28 days, I’ll be exploring various parts of southern France, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, and perhaps a few other areas. For me, travel has always been an opportunity to explore, to discover, to gain insights and new perspectives all while having conversations with the people I can now talk to because I have a translator.

While learning about the culture, the history, I also suspect, I’m going to be learning a lot about myself.   I’m challenging myself to step out of the box out of my comfort zone, because I know that’s where true growth always happens.

Are there areas of your life that you’re willing to step out of your own comfort zone to have the life that you really want?

I look forward to hearing from you about that. Remember, you too can live the life you love by design.