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I have shared Rita’s TEDx talk with many of my Baby Boomer friends.  Her topic is extremely timely and relevant, while there are many people how claim to be experts on Baby Boomers, she is the most credible speaker I’ve heard on downsizing because she’s the ‘real deal.’  She actually experienced what so many of us Baby Boomers and other are now experiencing as we transition into our next phase of life.”

Get to Know Rita

Rita Wilkins is a nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle design expert who, for the past 35 years, has designed thousands of corporate and residential interiors throughout the United States. She is a TEDx speaker with nearly 1,000,000 views, and author of Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom and is a well-known Baby Boomer subject matter expert.

Ten thousand Baby Boomers are retiring each day in America, leading to a BABY BOOMER BRAIN DRAIN where large numbers of boomers are exiting the workforce. This is causing the Silver Tsunami and leaving a major gap when they take their knowledge and expertise with them. She addresses this exodus of knowledge that could well impact a business’s current and future success. Rita’s high energy keynotes and presentations challenge the way business leaders and companies think, so they can maximize and retain their most talented, but aging workforce. She acts as a catalyst, leading the way to open new conversations on how businesses can seize this timely opportunity to rethink, reimagine, and redesign how they retain one of their most valuable assets – their Baby Boomer employees.

As a leading voice for Baby Boomer lifestyle design, Rita is revolutionizing the Retirement Conversation by:

  • Forging a bold new path forward for both employers and employees to engage in productive and meaningful conversations that will provide creative, “win-win” solutions for how Baby Boomers can Work AND Retire.
  • Masterfully creating a space for open dialogue and ideation where employers and Baby Boomers can both listen and be heard. Together, they can design innovative Work AND Retire solutions that will empower employers and Baby Boomers to thrive during this time of transition.
  • Challenging old ways of thinking and inspiring new visions for the future of how boomer employees who want to work (and some who still need to work) can blend their desire to work less while still being productive, and continuing to make positive contributions to the company.

In addition to helping companies create big visions for the new Retirement Conversations, her audiences love hearing her inspirational stories and learning how her practical tools, tips and strategies can be applied to their personal and professional lives. She helps them create better Work-Life Integration for a well-balanced life.  Rita brings a fresh new approach on how the Baby Boomer can achieve working less and living more while still contributing to the corporate bottom line. Countless audiences have been inspired and driven to make big and small changes using her Signature Blueprint Process for professional and personal success. This process helps executives to develop new structures to retain the valuable knowledge, skills and relationships of their Baby Boomer workforce. Audiences are left with understanding that working and retiring can both be compatible.

As a Baby Boomer herself, Rita has been successfully prototyping a new lifestyle design business model called Work 3 Days, Play 4 where she and her high-performing team produce results in three days that were once accomplished in five days. She is living and leading by example of what’s possible in work and in life.

Rita challenges status quo thinking and designs life-changing solutions that help you to “see through walls” so you can work and live a fulfilling and well-balanced life…by design!

Rita is highly credible as a subject matter expert and thought leader.  She continues to develop innovative ideas, solutions and systems that will make a difference in the way people live, work and retire.  She helped our team impact performance, increase productivity and substantially increase our bottom line.


For the past 35 years, Rita has been helping people design beautiful interiors all over the country, impacting the quality of how they live, work and play in their environments.  As a Lifestyle Design expert, she has spoken to nationwide groups of various sizes and in various venues on the topic of Baby Boomer lifestyle.  She has spoken at Corporate Events, hosted very successful workshops, and industry specific functions.  Rita works hard to ensure a proper understanding of the organizers goals and the demographics of the audience.

Your audience will: 

  • Love her practical, actionable design tools, tips and strategies that will change the way they think, act, lead and live their lives.
  • Relate to her personal compelling stories of success and failure. She is a masterful story teller who will share how she downsized her life so she could upgrade her lifestyle and how she is now playing it big at the game of life.
  • Be inspired, challenged and motivated to leverage their own skills and experiences to have a profitable business AND a great life.

These are topics Rita speaks on.  She will customize topics per your request.  


  • How employers can maximize their valuable aging workforce.
  • How Baby Boomers can Work AND Retire.





Each topic is presented in a highly relevant, immediately practical way that connects with the listeners heart through authenticity, personal stories and practical steps of application.

References are available upon request.

A picture of Best Selling Author Rita Wilkins Downsizing and decluttering expert

“Rita cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make room what matters most to you and consciously design a life worth living.”

Tony Jeton Selimi, #1 Bestselling Author of a Path to Wisdom,
Human Behavior Specialist and Award Winning Film Maker.

What people are saying about Rita…

Rita doesn’t speak and then leave.  She participates as a member of the conference community at your event before, during and after her presentation.  You will find her actively engaging with your participants.

Rita is known as a Conversation Catalyst for her unique ways of getting people to talk, share their fears, concerns and stories.  She creates a safe, nurturing environment for people to learn, laugh, cry.  She boldly challenges them to disrupt their status quo thinking.

Why book Rita…

  • She’s the “real deal.” She designed and is living the life she loves and wants that for you too.
  • She’s authentic, warm, vulnerable… and fearless.
  • She will help your audience “see through walls” and any barriers that prevent them from living the life they love, leaving you audience inspired to live and love life on the skinny branches.

Meeting & Event Planners…

Love working with Rita.  She is the perfect fit for companies who want out-of-the-box thinking and implementable strategies.  Trust Rita to inspire, engage, empower you audience.  She will leave them wanting more.