How To Combat Clutter and Become Your Own Clutter Boss

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you look around your house right now, is it filled with clutter? Clutter is that daily reminder that you probably own too much stuff and that slowly but surely, it is overtaking your house…and your life. There’s the obvious clutter… The dirty dishes on the kitchen table or [...]

What To Do When Your Kids Leave Home But Their Stuff Stays?

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer For those of you who are decluttering, getting ready to downsize, or age-in-place, are you wondering how to get your adult kids to remove their stuff that might be sitting in their childhood bedrooms, your attic, garage, or basement? This is a real problem and an emotional one for [...]

Minimalism And Decluttering 

Minimalism And Decluttering Go Hand In Hand  Are you interested in living a minimalist lifestyle? Do you want to try minimalist design in your home? Do you look around and find that you have far too much cluttering your home to try minimalist design as things are now? Don’t worry – I can teach you [...]

How to Emotionally Let Go of Sentimental Clutter

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Do you hold onto things that are sentimental to you because you are afraid if you let go of them, you will lose the memories associated with them? Several years ago, after our mom and dad passed away, my siblings and I were cleaning out their home… The home [...]

3 Must-Haves if You Want to Succeed in Decluttering and Downsizing

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you are reading this blog, you are likely interested in how to successfully Declutter or Downsize and perhaps both. I’m sharing 3 of the must-have mindsets if you want to be successful on your decluttering and downsizing journey. Just like any other big project you have taken on [...]

Don’ts and Dos of Downsizing in Your 60s

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you are in your 60s, you might be thinking a lot about downsizing and decluttering: Moving to a smaller home. Preparing your home for aging in place. Getting your home and your life in order “just in case” something happens. Or maybe you just want a different kind [...]

Top 8 Lessons I Learned from My Mom About Keeping It Simple

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Have you ever sat down to make a list of all of the things you learned from your mother? In all of these years, I’ve never actually made a list, but once I got started, I couldn’t stop! So far, I have 73 items on my list. I was [...]

Downsizing in Your 60s for Retirement

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you are in your late 50s, early 60s, chances are you’ve been having conversations about whether you should downsize from your big home or not. You’ve probably had conversations with family or friends who have already downsized so you can learn from their experience. And if they’re honest, [...]

Procrastinating? Distracted? No Excuse Guide to Decluttering

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer At the beginning of the year, did you promise yourself that this was the year you were finally going to declutter and get organized? Here it is, 02/22/22, almost 2 months have passed and you are still struggling with clutter. You’re overwhelmed because clutter just continues to pile up. [...]

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 Simplify Your Life With Downsizing 

Baby Boomers Are Simplifying Their Lives With Downsizing  Many baby boomers have realized the benefits of simplifying their lives through downsizing. Some of you, however, may feel uncertain about the whole idea of downsizing. My name is Rita Wilkins and I am the Downsizing Designer. Like you, I once found myself in a position where I had to make a [...]


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