TEDx Talk posts by Rita Wilkins. Rita is a renowned expert in decluttering and minimalism, empowering individuals to simplify their lives through practical tips and resources, while also captivating audiences as a professional speaker and author.

How to Live with Less in 5 Easy Steps

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer There was a time when I honestly believed that if I had a bigger house, a nicer car, more designer clothes, and more beautiful stuff I would be happier. For those of you who know me or follow me, you may have listened to my TEDx talk, when I [...]

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New towns and new friends

Rita Good morning, and welcome to day 23 of my 30 day journey to the South of France and today I'm here with a new friend Patricia Brooks.  We're in this beautiful town that she chose to move to just a little over a couple of months ago, right?   Patricia I’ve been in France [...]

Downsizing From the Inside Out – Make Room for the Life You REALLY Want

Have you downsized from a larger home to a smaller one? It was fun and easy, right? Do you still have unopened boxes that you have no clue what’s inside of them?     Have you ever asked yourself WHY you brought so many things with you even though you knew you were trying to downsize? [...]


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