Baby Boomers! We Have Too Much Stuff! What Are We Going to Do About It?

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Do you know that the average American household has over 300,000 items in it according to LA Times? And many of us baby boomers have much more “stuff” than that! Perhaps you’ve become blinded to the actual amount of stuff you have in your home. You just don’t see [...]

Looking For Minimalist Ideas For Your Home? 

Are You Interested In Minimalist Home Ideas?  Minimalist design is a great way to bring a feeling of organization and sophistication into your home. If you are interested in minimalist living and want to try minimalist home design in your home, look no further! You can learn more about the minimalist lifestyle when you learn [...]

These Workbooks Help You Downsize And Declutter 

Seek Help To Learn How To Declutter And Downsize  Is your home too full of clutter? Do you want to get rid of unnecessary and unwanted things in your home? Are you considering downsizing your home? If so, I can help! Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. I’m dedicated to helping people learn more [...]

By |2022-06-17T04:02:13+00:00June 16th, 2022|8 Decluttering Methods., challenges of downsizing, decluttering tips, design trends, downsizing, downsizing after retirement|Comments Off on These Workbooks Help You Downsize And Declutter 

3 Simple Ways to Manage Emotions When You Are Downsizing and Decluttering

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer For those of you who are either in the midst of decluttering and downsizing or if you were about to embark on this life-changing journey, there’s no way to minimize the impact that decluttering and downsizing can have on your emotions during the process. While it is much easier [...]

Are You Ready To Learn About Decluttering? 

Get Rid Of Clutter Today  So you’ve decided you’re ready to declutter your home – but you’re not sure where to start. You need to learn about decluttering, but the thought seems overwhelming. You wonder if there are easy decluttering checklists you can follow. Or perhaps you want to be taught more in-depth about how [...]

How To Declutter Your Home 

Are You Tired Of Living With Clutter In Your Home?  Having a cluttered, disorganized home can have a real negative impact on your mental health. Clutter can be stressful, and too much stress is bad for you. Your home shouldn’t be a factor that causes stress. You should feel comfortable and at ease in your [...]

Cure Your Love-Hate Relationship with Clutter This Spring

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer There is a clutter crisis in America and it’s making us sick… literally. According to a recent study found by the national Association of professional organizers: 54% of Americans are overwhelmed by clutter. 55% experience stress because of clutter. 33% hang on two things they no longer want, need, [...]

Too Busy To Declutter Your Home? 

Get Ready To Successfully Declutter Your Home  Are you having a hard time getting rid of clutter in your home? Do you wish there were an easy decluttering checklist that could help you get started? Would you like advice from someone who has experience with downsizing and decluttering? Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. [...]

Decluttering With Your Spouse 

Are You And Your Spouse Tired Of Your Cluttered Home?  Let’s face it – living with clutter is stressful. If you and your spouse are ready to make a change and get rid of clutter in your home, allow me to help. Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins and I’m known as the Downsizing Designer. After downsizing [...]

Downsizing in Your 60s for Retirement

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer If you are in your late 50s, early 60s, chances are you’ve been having conversations about whether you should downsize from your big home or not. You’ve probably had conversations with family or friends who have already downsized so you can learn from their experience. And if they’re honest, [...]


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