Fast For This Holiday Decluttering Bundle Deal! 

Learn Decluttering Minimalist Tips And Tricks Today  While many people may want to learn how to lead a more minimalist lifestyle or how to declutter their homes, figuring out how isn’t always easy. After all, you may not even know how to get started decluttering. You may not know how to stay motivated to declutter. [...]

Learn About Minimalism At Your Own Pace 

Do You Want to Learn More About Minimalism And Decluttering?  If you’re interested in a minimalist lifestyle and minimalist design but have no idea how to start making use of minimalist ideas if your life, you’re not alone. To live a minimalist lifestyle, you will likely need to declutter your home, which can be a [...]

3 Best Ways to Cure Clutter Creep and Chaos

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer Have you ever listened to what your clutter is trying to tell you? You know… that clutter that’s everywhere! Your kitchen counter, your dining room table, your bathroom countertops. Every time you think you’ve cleaned it off and decluttered, it sneaks back in to haunt you! All of that [...]

Do You Need Minimalist Ideas For Your Home? 

Get Rid Of The Clutter In Your Home!  If you’re sick of living with clutter and you’re ready to try to live a minimalist lifestyle, I’m here to help you! Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins. To many, I’m also known as the Downsizing Designer. Like you, I once had too much clutter in my life. After [...]

Looking For Minimalist Organization Tips? 

Is Your Home Cluttered And Disorganized?  Does the clutter in your home leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Do you want to organize your home, but aren’t sure how you should start the decluttering process? Do you find you’re not even sure how to declutter your home at all? Don’t worry – you’re not the [...]

Try These Minimalist Home Checklists 

Are You Ready To Try Minimalist Ideas In Your Home?  Minimalist design has grown quite popular recently. Are you interested in incorporating minimalist ideas into your home? Do you find yourself at a loss for where to start with minimalist home ideas? Is there perhaps too much stuff cluttering your home to really make use [...]

Start This Decluttering Course Today 

Are You Ready To Get Started Decluttering?  You don’t have to live with unwanted and unnecessary clutter. You can start your decluttering journey today. Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins. I’m also known as the Downsizing Designer. After getting rid of 90% of what I once owned, I live with more time, money, and freedom to do [...]

Do You Feel Disconnected And Disengaged? 

How Can I Stop Feeling Disconnected And Disengaged From My Life?  Do you feel discontent with your life? Do you miss the days when you felt motivated, when nothing could stop you? Are you overwhelmed by how disconnected and disengaged you feel? Do you wish you could make a change, but don’t know how you [...]

Too Busy To Declutter Your Home? 

Get Ready To Successfully Declutter Your Home  Are you having a hard time getting rid of clutter in your home? Do you wish there were an easy decluttering checklist that could help you get started? Would you like advice from someone who has experience with downsizing and decluttering? Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. [...]

Declutter And De-Stress 

Don’t Let A Cluttered Home Overwhelm You  If you look around your home and only see clutter, you likely feel frustrated and stressed. You’d like to get rid of the clutter – if only you knew how to get started. Don’t worry! I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. I’m here to help you get started [...]


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