What’s The Best Method To Start Decluttering? 

How Do I Start Decluttering My Home?  Do you look around your home and feel overwhelmed by all the clutter? Do you want to get rid of the clutter, but feel stuck and aren’t sure how to start? Do you wish you had reliable advice on how to get started decluttering?   Good news – you [...]

Need Help Decluttering In The New Year? 

How Will This New Year Be Different For You?  A new year is a time for starting fresh and resolving to change for the better. However, it’s hard to stick to your plans if you don’t even know how to get started – and getting started is where most people find themselves stuck when they want to declutter [...]

Downsizing And Starting Over: How to Successfully Combine Households in A Second Marriage

By Rita Wilkins The Downsizing Designer As an interior designer for over 35 years, I’ve often been asked to consult with clients who are merging households so they can create a common vision, avoid unnecessary arguments, and create a path forward together. Read my recent article: The Dueling Downsizers The bottom line, both parties want [...]

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Decluttering For A Simpler Life 

Baby Boomers, Are You Ready To Get Rid Of The Clutter?  Baby boomers, do you find yourself surrounded by a lifetime’s worth of clutter, with no idea what to do with it? Do the clutter and mess make you feel stressed in your own home? Are you readying for retirement and finding yourself wanting to downsize and declutter? [...]

Begin Your Downsizing Journey 

Start Decluttering Your Life Now With Help From The Downsizing Designer  Is there an overwhelming amount of clutter in your home? Do you find yourself at a loss for how to even begin getting rid of it? I’m Rita Wilkins and I was once in a similar position. However, after getting rid of 95% of what I [...]

How To Declutter Your Life 

A Cluttered Home Is A Stressful Home  If you find that clutter in your home is causing your distress, don’t worry. You’re not alone and you don’t have to figure out what to do on your own. My name is Rita Wilkins and I’m the Downsizing Designer. After decluttering and downsizing my life, I found I had [...]

How To Make Downsizing Easy

How Downsizing Can Help You Get Ready For Retirement  More and more baby boomers are reaching a point where they’re eager to begin retirement. Retirement age is also the age many baby boomers begin to seriously consider downsizing. For many, however, the idea of downsizing is overwhelming. Where do you even start? How do you know which [...]

Downsizing For Retirement In Your 60s 

Ready To Prepare For Retirement In Your 60s By Downsizing?  Are you looking into retirement? Not sure if you should keep your current living situation or move into somewhere smaller and more affordable? Wondering how you’ll manage all of your stuff in a smaller living situation? Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins, the Downsizing Designer. Not so long ago, I was [...]

Professional, Free Guidance To Downsizing And Decluttering 

Do You Want Help To Downsize And Declutter Your Life?  Do you have a cluttered life that is bringing your mood down? Do you feel as though getting rid of clutter would lower your stress, but find it difficult to let go of certain items? Do you wish you had help to learn how best to downsize [...]

5 Step Guide: Lose The Clutter, But Not The Memories

Get Free Advice On Downsizing And Decluttering From The Downsizing Designer How long do you plan to let clutter make your life harder? Aren’t you ready to let go of the stress that clutter brings? My name is Rita Wilkins and I am known as the Downsizing Designer. I have been on my own downsizing [...]

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