By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

There was a time when I honestly believed that if I had a bigger house, a nicer car, more designer clothes, and more beautiful stuff I would be happier.

For those of you who know me or follow me, you may have listened to my TEDx talk, when I began my talk, I confessed to once owning 11 closets and 9 rolling racks filled with clothes of several different sizes, many of them that still had tags on them!

I also said that I wasn’t not proud of that fact but it was my “reality” at that time.

Did all of those clothes make me happy? If I bought more would I be happier?

The answer of course is “no”, but I bought into the societal thinking that “more is better and bigger is better”.

But my reality was that the more I bought…

  • The emptier I felt.
  • The more burdensome it all became.
  • The more overwhelmed I was.

I have written an article that talks about Prototyping Lifestyles: Steps You Can Take Now to Experience Living Abundantly with Less, where you can design a life you love that can make you feel fully alive.

It was a trip to a third-world country 8,000 miles from here that changed my life.

For the first time in my life I experienced villagers who had so few possessions and yet they were filled with joy… And I wanted that!

That’s why I did my TEDx talk, Downsize Your Life: Why less is more.

That’s why I wrote my book, Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money, and Freedom.

That’s why I now speak around the country on the profound impact of living a simpler joy-filled life with less.

Watch my TEDx Talk here: TEDx | Rita Wilkins

What is a simple life?

How to Live with Less in 5 Easy Steps

In essence, a simple life is one that centers on what is most important to you. If you can pare down your life to surround yourself with.

  • Only the people you love and care about
  • Only the things you use need and love
  • Only do what you love each day…

You will have a simple life and a great life!

A simple life is about being grateful and content with what you already have, not always wanting more, bigger, or better.

A simple life is about quality over quantity. A few great things versus many.

A simple life is about cutting back, streamlining your life, your schedule, and your stuff so you can balance your life and have more time, money, freedom, and energy to enjoy it more.

It’s about making room for those people, things, and experiences that matter most to you.


What would it look like to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life?

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