By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

When was the last time you were on fire?

Nothing or no one was going to stop you!

You knew what you wanted and you were going for it, designing the life you love!

You were going to do whatever it took to have what you wanted.

  • It could have been a particular job you had your eyes on.
  • It could have been a certain fitness or weight loss goal you had in mind.
  • Or… It could have even been your current spouse or partner!

You were committed to attaining that special goal, you were completely focused, and you were on fire!

Didn’t that feel great? You felt fully alive and unstoppable.

Then, slowly but surely, you’ve lost that fire and you’re not sure if you’ll ever get it back again.

  • What would it be like to get that spark back, reignite your life so you can live your life fully engaged, fully on fire every single day?

What happened? When did it happen?

For one, we have all experienced some malaise after all we’ve just been through with the pandemic. It was hard not to!


But more importantly, try to look back on your life and recall these 2 things: 

1. What did it feel like to be on fire?

  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • What was it that was lighting you up?

2. When did the light go out?

  • Why did that spark die?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?

This exercise will take some time and personal reflection, but if you want to get that fire back again, it’s important to remember how it felt and understand when and why you let it die.

Just remember this… It is possible to “wake it up and shake it up” again, to reignite that spark, that passion so you can live your life fully each day.

For those of you who are saying,

“I want that feeling again!”

I’ve created a 5-day challenge,

Wake it Up Shake it Up… Reignite Your Life.


It’s a digital download with 6 videos and a 22-page workbook. It’s available on my website at a special price of $29.99.

If you are feeling disconnected or disengaged in your own life, this Wake it Up, Shake it Up 5-day challenge will help you want to jump out of bed each day!

Think of it this way.

If you live on the East Coast like I do, it’s March. It’s almost spring. You can feel change and excitement in the air. There are buds on the trees, the grass is starting to turn green, and the crocus, daffodils, and forsythia are poking their heads through the soil.

These are all signs of new beginnings, new growth, and a fresh start.

Over the winter they laid dormant just like you did! But it’s time for spring, time for a new growth and so are you.

It is within reach for every one of us to “wake it up and shake it up”, to experience new life new growth just like spring flowers.

It’s inside of each and every one of us. Sometimes we just need a little ”kick in the pants” or a little inspiration to get started.


5 R’s That Will Reignite Your Life



The “Why” that makes you cry.

You’re “why” is that passion that puts the fire in your belly. It’s what makes you want to jump out of bed. It will reignite your purpose and passion.



You have an opportunity through some of the exercises in my 5-day challenge to reconnect with your old dreams and create new ones that you were once passionate about.



If you want to unlock and unburden yourself from what is holding you back, it’s important to push the reset button. This exercise will help you declutter your stuff, your mind, and your schedule.



It is possible to live the life of your dreams, one that you design yourself. In my 5-day challenge, you will have an opportunity to reimagine and redesign your life.



Who doesn’t want to light up?

When you wake up from your malaise, you realize you need to reboot/recharge your status quo life! It’s entirely up to you to do the work and unburden your life so you can recharge it.


If you are interested in my 5-day challenge, wake it up shake it up,

click this link to sign up.

This will change your life. There are 6 videos, a 22-page workbook.

Isn’t it worth just 20 minutes a day to wake it up and shake it up?

Stop settling for status quo living. Live your life to the fullest each day!

I’d love to hear back from you!

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