By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

If you’re like most Americans, one of the top 3 resolutions for 2022 is to declutter and get organized.

But it’s now mid-January already and perhaps you haven’t even started.

This is sound familiar?

You’ve been too busy… with holidays, company, work, and you’re exhausted!

You look around at all of the clutter and you get overwhelmed at the size of the task and you have no idea where or how to begin!

You find yourself saying… “Even if I do declutter, my family will just mess it up again! So why bother?”


So then, you don’t start. You put it off another day another time… Again!

Even though you realize it’s having a huge impact on you, your family, your life because…

  • You can never find what you want when you need it.
  • You’re constantly annoyed or frustrated with yourself or your loved ones.
  • You can’t focus or think clearly.

This is what clutter does to us. But then again you might want to give up because you find yourself saying… “My home will never be as perfect as my neighbors so why even try?”

Have you ever considered just how much having to be perfect and having to get it right sabotages your goal of decluttering?

Think about it this way…

  • There is no perfect time to start decluttering.
  • There will probably never be a time in your life where your schedule is not busy.

If you want to change this vicious cycle in 2022 and finally get decluttered and organized, begin telling yourself that it doesn’t have to be perfect and to just get started.

Once you realize that being perfect is a trap that stops you. It’s not real nor is it realistic. You just need to give yourself some slack, some grace and just get started!


Here Are A Few Ways That You Can Start Your Imperfect Decluttering Journey


#1 Realize you don’t have to finish it all in a day, a week, a weekend, or even a month.

Clutter has taken time to build up in your home and it will take time to declutter.

Start by decluttering 1 small area that bothers you the most:

  • Kitchen Counter
  • Dining Room Table
  • Writing Desk
  • Your Car
  • Pantry Storage

When you finish decluttering 1 area you will realize it is possible. You’ll realize how good you feel about starting and seeing results. You’ll be inspired to declutter the next area.


#2 Stop buying into the trap that something is wrong with you if your house is not perfect… like your neighbors!

Likely your neighbor has had similar struggles with clutter but they might have learned which decluttering method works best for them, their personality, their lifestyle, and fits their busy schedule… and they’ve made regular decluttering a habit.

Decluttering is not a “one and done” process.

It takes work and forming good habits to make it happen, stay organized, and prevent it from reoccurring.

Your perfect neighbor is no different than you they might have just learned how to manage the clutter and make a habit of removing it regularly so they can stay organized and the clutter doesn’t build up.

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#3 Focus on the end goal

Break your project down into smaller manageable time frames.

Take baby steps.

One day, one drawer, one closet at a time.… and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just get started! Get a jump start on your spring cleaning.

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There’s hope for all of us in our decluttering journeys this year it’s time for a new beginning.

It’s time to put away all of our excuses, it’s time for us to let go of perfection and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and just get started!

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