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Why don’t most decluttering solutions work? When it comes to decluttering one size does NOT fit all. Without the right method designed for your personality, it is difficult to get started and even more difficult to finish. This course has 8 different methods to choose from–each with a quick instructional video to get started and simple checklists to help you finish.

Less Stress, More Time, and More Freedom to Live the Life You Love!

Created by Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer, a nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle design expert. She is a best-selling author of Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle. Rita has inspired millions of viewers with her Ted Talk Downsize Your Life: Why Less is More. In this course, Rita will help you find the right decluttering method to get started.

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I purchased Rita’s new online course as a gift for my sister. She is in the process of downsizing family belongings after nearly 50 years in the same home. She was thrilled! She has shared for years that the task seemed overwhelming, which is understandable. She immediately completed Module 1, and told me this course can help her take the little and big steps necessary to achieve her downsizing goals. Thank you, Rita!
– Mary H

This was a perfect course to help with my home office. After COVID hit I started working from home and my home office started getting out of hand. I knew I needed to declutter and minimalize before it got worse–but I just didn’t even know where to start. Someone recommended this course to me because it had 8 methods to choose from. I found the method that worked for me and within 50 minutes I had already made so much progress. Plus with the bonus tips, I’m pretty confident it will stay decluttered.
– Guy E

What a great resource this course is! All in one place, I learned about EIGHT different methods of decluttering. I can use different ones depending on my needs and the time available. It’s great to know that I can declutter using an approach that makes sense to ME.
– Susan

Start Today with Rita’s 8 Proven Methods

This is an online on-demand decluttering video course with 8 personalized, easy-start methods to choose from. Created by Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer, a nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle design expert. Designed to help you find the right decluttering method. Once you complete this online course, you’ll experience less stress, less clutter, more time, and more freedom to live the life you love!

ONLY $59.99 $29.99

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8 Proven Methods to Choose From!

These eight decluttering methods are tools that you can use regularly to combat the clutter that can impact your life, your health, and your well-being in so many different ways. In this single course, you will be introduced to eight proven decluttering methods to choose from. Rita will briefly highlight the benefits of each method and you can choose which method best fits you. You can choose one, all eight, or learn how to create a hybrid method of your own!

If you’re moving to a smaller or right size home, this method will simplify large and overwhelming projects.

If you’re tired of trying to declutter all by yourself and you want a fun fast-track process.

If you want to take your time decluttering and if you need a process that’s less overwhelming.

If there’s a particular item that you’ve been meaning to get to the donation site, this method can be highly motivating.

If you want a systematic and effective approach to purging and decluttering. It allows you to make incremental progress.

If you have multiple items of one category that you’ve been wanting to declutter, this might be a perfect method for you.

This is my favorite “go-to” method of
decluttering. With a short 15-minute burst or a longer 50-minute burst, you can make a lot happen.

If you want to step back and look at the big picture, this method helps prioritize the quality of life and lifestyle, not the quantity of stuff.

BONUS METHOD! Imagine creating your own hybrid method that combines any of these methods to make the perfect fit for you.

Discover Your Decluttering Method Today

ONLY $59.99 $29.99

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are you looking around at a lifetime of accumulated stuff and wondering how it happened? Feeling weighed down emotionally by the effort it takes to maintain it all? Discouraged because you can’t seem to make any headway?

I’ve been there – and so have many of my clients. But there’s a way out!
Regardless of whether you want to declutter your current home or downsize to a smaller, more manageable space, this course can help.
Are you ready to…

  • Reduce the stress of a cluttered home and simplify your life?
  • Make it easier to clean and maintain your home?
  • Have more time for what’s important to you?
  • Avoid leaving a huge task for your adult children someday?
  • Reduce your expenses so you can upgrade your lifestyle?
  • Live in a home that works for you as you age?

For a limited time, to help you start your year, you can buy Rita’s on-demand decluttering video course with 8 personalized, easy-start methods for only $29.99!

ONLY $59.99 $29.99