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Created by Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer, 8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering, is an online on-demand decluttering video course that helps you navigate the decluttering process from start to finish. We have 8 methods to choose from and easy one-page checklists to help you stay on task.

Once you complete this online course, you’ll experience less stress, less clutter, more time, and more freedom to live the life you love!



Are you looking around at a lifetime of accumulated stuff and wondering how it happened? Feeling weighed down emotionally by the effort it takes to maintain it all? Discouraged because you can’t seem to make any headway? I’ve been there – and so have many of my clients. But there’s a way out! Regardless of whether you want to declutter your current home or downsize to a smaller, more manageable space, this course can help. Are you ready to…

  • Reduce the stress of a cluttered home and simplify your life?
  • Have more time for what’s important to you?
  • Reduce your expenses so you can upgrade your lifestyle?
  • Avoid leaving a huge task for your adult children someday?
  • Make it easier to clean and maintain your home?
  • Live in a home that works for you as you age?

8 reviews for 8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering Course

  1. Ed Skurka (verified owner)

    Rita sure knows her niche. Her many years of design business experience and her own personal downsizing experience make her the ‘go-to expert. Rita has worked with me several times. Her advice has been consistently productive despite my ‘hoarder leaning’ tendencies
    Thanks, Rita. You have the ability to motivate me.

  2. Guy E. (verified owner)

    This was a perfect course to help with my home office. After COVID hit I started working from home and my home office started getting out of hand. I knew I needed to declutter and minimalize before it got worse–but I just didn’t even know where to start. Someone recommended this course to me because it had 8 methods to choose from. I found the method that worked for me and within 50 minutes I had already made so much progress. Plus with the bonus tips, I’m pretty confident it will stay decluttered.

  3. Melody S. (verified owner)

    This course was recommended to me after I mentioned I needed to make room for my adult children to move in with me. I had two bedrooms and a garage full of junk that I needed to declutter. I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I needed to start quickly. I actually tried three of the eight methods to declutter. Each one was perfect for each project. I even got my kids to help.

  4. Elle Test (verified owner)

    Such a big help! Using Rita’s different decluttering methods and checklists, I was able to identify which decluttering method works best for me… for the time I have, for the life I have, and for the life I want to have moving forward. It keeps me on track!

  5. George Kafetzis (verified owner)

    I am working from home since the start of the pandemic and I felt the need to make my working and living space less congested. It was great that my friend recommended this course. Now I am more focused and productive without the excess things around me. Thank you Rita!

  6. Mary H. (verified owner)

    I purchased Rita’s new online course as a gift for my sister. She is in the process of downsizing family belongings after nearly 50 years in the same home. She was thrilled! She has shared for years that the task seemed overwhelming, which is understandable. She immediately completed Module 1, and told me this course can help her take the little and big steps necessary to achieve her downsizing goals. Thank you, Rita!

  7. John Barry (verified owner)

    Rita really knows her stuff. And this course is filled with beneficial information. These are skills that are needed by many or most of us, and yet most of us don’t know the skills. Rita does, and she helps us in simple, logical ways. Thank you, Rita!

  8. Barbara S.

    What a great resource this course is! All in one place, I learned about EIGHT different methods of decluttering. I can use different ones depending on my needs and the time available. It’s great to know that I can declutter using an approach that makes sense to ME.

    All my “things” had value at some point, but I need to let go of those that don’t serve me anymore – to let someone else enjoy the usable things. With an overabundance of clothing, papers, and other stuff that I brought along when we moved, I am eager to apply my favorite methods to declutter my closet, office, and storage room.

    Thank you, Rita!

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