Rita’s Priority Decluttering Method

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If you want to step back and look at the big picture, this method helps prioritize the quality of life and lifestyle, not the quantity of stuff.

Created by Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer, this online on-demand decluttering video course that helps you navigate the decluttering process from start to finish. We have 8 methods to choose from and easy one-page checklists to help you stay on task.

Once you complete this online course, you’ll experience less stress, less clutter, more time, and more freedom to live the life you love!



Are you looking around at a lifetime of accumulated stuff and wondering how it happened? Feeling weighed down emotionally by the effort it takes to maintain it all? Discouraged because you can’t seem to make any headway? I’ve been there – and so have many of my clients. But there’s a way out! Regardless of whether you want to declutter your current home or downsize to a smaller, more manageable space, this course can help. Are you ready to…

  • Reduce the stress of a cluttered home and simplify your life?
  • Have more time for what’s important to you?
  • Reduce your expenses so you can upgrade your lifestyle?
  • Avoid leaving a huge task for your adult children someday?
  • Make it easier to clean and maintain your home?
  • Live in a home that works for you as you age?


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