By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

I received a call from a woman the other day who sounded frustrated and stressed. She said, “I’ve been following you on Facebook for a long time and read all of your blogs. 

I need your help!”

She went on to say…

I have a house full of stuff. It’s everywhere! I know I need to declutter because we want to downsize next year.

How do I start decluttering?

How do I stay motivated and keep going?

Do I do a room by room or how do I do it? I just don’t know! Can you teach me how? I need your help.

I get these calls all the time.

  • People who are stressed out about their clutter.
  • People who are overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start.
  • Or if they do start, they get stuck, frustrated, and never finish decluttering so it continues to build up and cause even more stress.

They are often embarrassed by their clutter so for them to just pick up the phone and reach out for help is a huge step in the right direction!

And that’s all it takes… that first step to getting rid of the clutter that impacts you, your life, your health, and your relationships.

Because there are so many people out there who struggle with clutter, I created a new online, on-demand video course that teaches you… How to Start Decluttering Using 8 Proven Declutter Methods.

I want to share with you my top 3 secrets to successfully decluttering your home so you can start to live a clutter-free life.


Secret # 1: Make Decluttering A Priority

Decluttering is just a process, but when you prioritize it and put it into your calendar each week when you have a written plan, know the steps you need to take each week and have milestones that help measure your progress, decluttering will happen over time!

Just like any other big project at work or something like planning your daughter’s wedding…

You could get overwhelmed and stuck, but you won’t let that happen… you just keep going because it’s a high priority.

If you prioritize decluttering, you’ll be able to reach your goal and live a clutter-free life.


Secret # 2: Think of Decluttering as A Journey

When I downsized from my 5,000 square-foot home to my 867 square-foot jewel box apartment in Philadelphia, at first, I didn’t think of decluttering and downsizing as a journey.

But over the course of a year, I realized how much I was changing and evolving along the way. My perception of what really mattered changed during my downsizing and decluttering journey.

I realized all of that beautiful stuff that I had accumulated, wasn’t what made me happy. Rather, it was actually standing in the way of my happiness and freedom to enjoy a simpler life with less.

Allow yourself the opportunity to embrace decluttering as a journey.

You’ll change. You’ll grow. You will accomplish your goal!


Secret # 3: Know “Why” You Want to Declutter

Write it down. Plaster it on your mirror, your computer screen, your kitchen cabinets, wherever you are reminded of it every day.

Remind yourself what your life will be like after you no longer have to…

  • Be embarrassed about having guests come into your home.
  • Be stressed or upset every time you walk in your door.
  • Be frustrated because you know what you have and where to find it when you need it.

For sure, there will be times you want to quit because decluttering can be overwhelming.

But if you…

Know “why” do you want to declutter…

Think of decluttering as a journey…

Make decluttering a priority in your life…

You will never have to worry about living a life filled with clutter again.

During my decluttering journey, I tested multiple decluttering methods. Ultimately, I landed on one that was a perfect fit for me, my personality, and my schedule. Once I discovered my perfect decluttering method, the decluttering process became easier and almost effortless.

That is why I created my new online, on-demand video course:

8 Proven Methods to Start Decluttering

I specifically designed it to help you find the right decluttering method for your personality and your busy schedule. Once you take my course

you will have more time and freedom to live the life you really want.

Click here to sign up for my new online course.