By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Are you thinking of downsizing, but you are not quite ready to take that big step?

You know you want to start living a simpler life with less… but you are not ready to give up the big house yet.

Did you know that there is a way to take that big first step towards accomplishing that goal?

You can actually Downsize by Decluttering first!

You can start making the “move” by:

  • Going through your closets, drawers, boxes in the attic and basement.
  • Making decisions now on what you want to give away, sell, donate or dispose of.
  • Start to make sense of things you don’t use, want, or even like.

Then, when and if you are ready, to downsize to a smaller home, much of the hard work will already be done. Not only that, when you declutter your home now you begin to reap the benefits of downsizing which can contribute to that simpler life with less.

One of my recent blogs, How to Avoid the Costs of Double Downsizing can definitely help you on your journey, read here.

You’ll Start to Discover That You Have…

1.   More time for things that matter to you.

You will have fewer things to manage, organize, and maintain that were previously taking up valuable time from experiencing your life more fully.

You’ll also start to discover that you have…

2.   More freedom, more mobility, and more flexibility.

Your life becomes more agile, allowing more spontaneity. Living with less gives you the ability to plan that surprise weekend getaway with your partner or to take that trip you’ve wanted to take for a long time.

Living with less open’s doors to new experiences!

3.   More peace of mind and less stress.

Decluttering and owning less helps you prioritize your own life, bringing in to your home only what is needed, contributing to peace of mind and overall happiness.

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What I Also Find Interesting When You Downsizing By Decluttering Is That You Start Living Into New Habits

1.   You don’t buy as much.

Why sabotage the progress you’ve already made? You are paring down, learning to live with less and enjoy it more.

2.   You start paying attention to how much you already have.

You start seeing duplicates, triplicates, and clothes you’ve never even worn.

3.   You find yourself questioning “wants vs. needs”.

I found myself asking if one more pair of shoes would contribute to my happiness. The answer was “no”, so I didn’t buy the shoes.

4.   You develop habits of using what you already have.

You start challenging yourself to “make do”. You’ll be surprised at how creative and resourceful you can be.

5.   You find yourself editing on a more regular basis.

You’ll find yourself asking questions like:

  • When was the last time I wore it?
  • When I wore it, did I feel great in it?
  • If not, is it time for it to go?


Downsize by Decluttering is something that you can start today. So even if you are not quite ready to leave your big house behind, you can start removing some of the things you’ve accumulated over many years.

Give yourself a sense of what it is like to live a richer, more abundant life with less.

Try Downsizing by Decluttering!

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