By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

If you’re in your 60’s or 70’s, you have probably at least thought about and maybe talked about downsizing to a smaller more manageable home.

For many, downsizing is a choice… a decision to live a simpler, less cluttered life so you can have more time, money, freedom to pursue what matters most to you.

The idea of living with less so you can have a richer, more abundant life is very appealing to those that choose to downsize.

But what if you don’t have a choice?

What if you have to downsize for financial reasons, health reasons, the death of a spouse, or divorce?

For example:

These are all real-life situations that occur every day, forcing the need to downsize and declutter.

Perhaps you’ve even had this happen to you or to someone you know.

If this does happen… and if you are forced to downsize, how can you learn to live happily with less? And maybe even discover how rich and abundant life can be without the big house and without all of the stuff.

As an interior designer for over 35 years, I have worked with many clients in situations like these and the good news is… most of them ended up being much happier than they ever imagined! A little like seeing a beautiful rainbow after a big rainstorm.


Learning to Live with Less So You Can Live More


1. Acknowledge that downsizing and decluttering is going to be an emotional journey

Brace yourself for the ups and downs that may at times feel like a roller coaster ride.

Accept the fact that it will be overwhelming and stressful at times… but that it is just a process that can be managed when you have a plan and implement it over time.

One step at a time.


2. Realize there are many benefits to living with less space and less clutter

  • Less to clean, organize, and manage
  • Less expensive to maintain
  • More time to focus on what matters most to you
  • More freedom to create a new life that you might’ve always wanted

Read this article to learn more: The Benefits of Living in a Smaller Home


3.  Embrace the “art of letting go”

There’s power in learning to let go of things from your past that no longer serve you or that you no longer want, need, or will ever use.

You can actually develop a strong “letting go muscle”. Over time, the process becomes easier and easier.


4. Practice the mindset of “having enough” and “being enough”

There is true freedom and joy when you reach the point of not needing or wanting more.

You’re peaceful. You’re content. You have all you want and all you need.


5. Take time to appreciate the little things in life

Sunrise, sunset, a great cup of coffee or a fine glass of wine, or intimate conversations with those you love.

Practice noticing, experiencing, and being grateful for all you do have.

Focus on what matters most to you. Let go of everything that doesn’t!

If you follow these steps, you will realize it is possible to live a rich, abundant life with less.

Wishing you a blessed journey!


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