What is it about packing?

Does anyone else have the same problem that I do? I started last week, five edits later, one carry on for 30 days in multiple locations in the south of France. But did I really need three yellow tops and three blue dresses?  As I was packing, I heard myself saying, just in case, just in case it gets cold at night, it is 85 degrees there.

I also heard myself saying, “What if? What if I have a hot date? That would be nice.”

For me, it was more of an exercise in what I don’t need, more than what I perceived that I might need. Just like downsizing.

It’s interesting each time I pack, I learn something new, but it’s definitely a work in progress. My biggest motivation of all is that this time I’m my own Sherpa. So I definitely wanted to travel light.

Boarding soon we’ll be in Marseille, France tomorrow morning at 10am.

I will be creating a daily video of the journey while I’m working three and playing four.  It’ll be posted on my YouTube channel, Rita Wilkins. I look forward to perhaps seeing you.  Please comment, subscribe, and I’d love to hear from you.  Au revoir!