That was a question posed to me on a recent podcast interview.

On one level, the answer to this question is simple. When you live with less, you experience more time, money, freedom, energy, and peace of mind.

But on a much deeper level, I see the real-life impact that it makes in people’s lives… their overall happiness and contentment. 

As an example, today, I received a comment from a woman who had listened to one of my YouTube videos, “The Hidden Life, Changing Power of Decluttering.”

She said: “Rita, I can’t tell you how much your video has helped me… And I haven’t even heard the whole thing yet.”

In this particular video that she referred to, I told a real-life story of a woman’s nine-month decluttering journey. 

Overcoming the Challenges of Being Overwhelmed

How she went from feeling completely overwhelmed and beaten down by the naysayers in her life, and totally incapable of accomplishing such a huge task on her own to a

completely new woman, who was empowered, emboldened, and confident…

All because she was willing to not only do the hard physical work of decluttering her entire house but also, she was courageous enough to do the emotional inner work that one experiences during the decluttering process. 

The video is a powerful, poignant, and an inspiring story of just one woman

But the reality is… The reason I am so passionate about decluttering, downsizing, and living a simpler life with less is that I get to receive these types of comments and emails every single day! 

And that fires me up!

That’s why I care so much and I also know from my personal experience that decluttering from the inside out is transformative.

It changes lives!

It sure changed mine. That’s why I’m here.

A Trip That Changed My Life Forever

As I shared on the TEDx stage 6 years ago, during a trip to a Third-World country, for the first time in my life, I experienced people who had almost nothing, but they were happy. 

At the time, it made no sense to me. How could they be happy and have so few possessions?

And yet, during that month-long, stay in Senegal… I saw it, I felt it, I experienced it for myself.

And all I knew was that it existed, that it was possible, and I wanted that for myself… to live a much simpler life with less.

How I Downsized My Life and Lifestyle

When I came back home to my big house that was filled with so many beautiful designer things, suddenly, they were just that… Things!

A year later, I downsized from a 5000-square-foot home to an 867-square-foot apartment. I gave away 95% of my things to people who needed them or wanted them.

I am now living with 5% of what I once owned and I’ve never been happier!

And… I’ve never looked back! 

After I downsized, people started calling me the “Downsizing Designer,” a moniker I’ve come to embrace because as an interior designer, for almost 40 years, I’ve seen the impact of how design can change lives, how people live, work, and play in their environments.

Now, as the “Downsizing Designer,” I get to see the impact of people choosing to design and live their lives more intentionally and with purpose, based on their values, not someone else’s.

When they intentionally choose to pare down the excess stuff in their lives, and in their homes, they literally and figuratively make room for a life that really matters

It’s that simple.

When you live with less, you live more…and you value what you have more. 

When I wrote my best-selling book, “Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom.”

I had no idea how much my story would resonate with so many people from across the globe.

That inspired me to start writing and delivering meaningful content each week for the past five years, to provide practical tools and tips that will inspire thousands and thousands of people on their own decluttering and downsizing journeys.

I had no idea that my videos and blogs would go viral, and that the Downsizing Designer would become a national brand that motivates people to live simpler, more abundant lives with less.

And I also had no idea how hungry people are to declutter, get organized, and lead more productive lives.

But you responded.

Thank you with all my heart. 

YOU are the reason I do what I do.

YOU are the reason I love making a difference each day as the “Downsizing Designer.”

YOU are the reason I will continue to consistently provide valuable and actionable content that will inspire you and motivate you on your journey to live the life you love… By Design!

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