If you were asked to name the top 3 most cluttered drop zones in your home, what might they be?

To give you a hint, they are areas of your home where you and your family automatically drop things out of habit, almost unconsciously.

Examples of clutter-catching areas

1.    Items you are holding in your hand the moment you walk in the door.

You automatically drop them in areas like the kitchen table, kitchen, counter, or hallway tables.

  • Items such as keys, phone, wallet, glasses.
  • Items you’re holding in your hand, but don’t want to deal with at that moment.

You almost unconsciously decide to let them pile up… areas, such as the kitchen table, your desk, or a bedroom chair. These are magnets for this kind of clutter.

  • Items like mail, bills, magazines, clothing.

3.    Items you would like to put away, but you have no idea where to put them because they don’t have a designated home.

You let them accumulate in a corner of your bedroom, on a guest bed, or in a closet.

  • Items such as seasonal decor and clothing, items to be donated. 

No matter how many times you try to clear and organize these areas, the mess just keeps coming back!

It seems like a losing battle, and the more you try to win, the more frustrating it becomes, the more arguments and harsh words, ensue… And the problem never seems to get solved!

Then one day, you wake up and say, “Enough is enough!” 

You realize you need to proactively create various clutter-free zones throughout your home before you go crazy… And where clutter is either contained or not allowed at all.

5-Minute Decluttering/Organizing Hacks to Create Clutter-Free Zones

1.    Create a “home” for everything.

Create a designated place so you know exactly where to find something when you need it exactly where to return it when you are done using it.

2.    Create a strategically placed basket or organizer to make it easy and obvious.

Place it where it’s OK to put things like keys, wallets, phones, and where it will become an automatic habit overtime.

3.    Create a clear system for incoming items.

Know what to do with things as they come in the door. Use a sorting bin or tracking system to sort and organize incoming mail, magazines, papers into urgent or non-urgent piles, so they are easily visible and can be dealt with on a timely basis in 5 minutes or less.

4.    Create new micro habits.

Engage your family in practicing these new decluttering/organizing systems and hacks that you’ve put into place so they will eventually become habits in less than 5 minutes a day.

5.    Create a daily routine to declutter and organize.

It only takes 5 minutes to maintain these areas to help stay organized and clutter-free while also helping to prevent future clutter.

These 5-minute decluttering and organizing hacks will help restore your sanity. These simple decluttering and organizational tools will eventually become automatic, helping you maintain clutter-free zones that are not only appealing and peaceful, but also help you maintain control over your clutter, reduce stress, and simplify your life.

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