By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

There’s something different about turning 60.

In some ways, it’s a realization that there’s more time behind you than there is in front of you. And for some reason, time seems to move faster than it did before.

Or maybe you just become more aware of the fact that there’s just so much time left…

What will you do with that time to max it out, to embrace each precious moment, to make an impact, and leave a legacy?

There’s also a new sense of urgency:

  • Live life to the fullest each day.
  • Live life on your terms… do it your way!
  • Live life in a way you’ve never lived or loved before.

And what better time than now…

  • To reassess your values and goals.
  • To reboot or completely reinvent your life.
  • To start fresh so you can embrace the years you do have left on this earth while living in alignment with what matters most to you.

Why not embrace this time, this opportunity to start over and downsize in your 60s?

Why not take advantage of having more time, money, and freedom while you’re still healthy, active, and young enough to enjoy it?

Why not embrace the opportunity to design and build the life you’ve been dreaming of for a very long time?

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is when to downsize.

It’s easy to just keep kicking the can down the road, but I would strongly encourage you to start sooner than later… before something happens, before it’s too late to fully enjoy your new life with less.

DOWNSIZING and DECLUTTERING take longer than you might think, so give yourself time to:

1.    Create a solid workable plan to declutter first, then downsize.

2.    Decide where and how you want to live your new life.

3.    Decide what to do with all of the stuff you’ve accumulated.

Read my recent article to learn more: Baby Boomers: You Are 60. Does The Amount of Stuff You Own Scare You? It Should!

Downsizing is a step-by-step process that is both physically and emotionally exhausting.

But as one client said to me recently, “I love my new lifestyle, why didn’t I downsize sooner?”

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