By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

The thought of Downsizing strikes fear in the hearts of many baby boomers.

The thought of leaving the home where they raised their kids, the memories, and the neighbors they would leave behind.

The monumental task of going through and getting rid of years of accumulations, everything from inherited furniture to clothing to family photos.

The thought is just so overwhelming, so even though baby boomers want to downsize and know they probably should, mani just defer the decision until “later”.

They want to downsize but they’re afraid.

Recently, I ran into a client who we helped downsize a few months prior to the Covid lockdown. She said, “Rita, I had no idea how much easier our life would be! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement to make the decision to downsize. We had been talking about it for a number of years… Moving to a smaller home, closer to our kids and grandkids, but we kept putting it off. Looking back, we were afraid.”

“We are so glad we listened to you, we love our small home. It’s so much more manageable!”

“We love our new neighbors and all of our new activities!” 

“We love being just 20 minutes from our children and grandchildren!”

“We love our new life!”

As we spoke, she recalled how concerned they were that they wouldn’t like their new home, they were afraid it would be difficult to meet new friends, and that they would miss many of the possessions they knew they had to let go of. 

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Lose the Clutter, but Not the Memories


And then she said, “When I look back on our life before downsizing, I realize we spent all of our time and energy caring for our big empty nest!”

And one of the things we were most afraid of, and frankly, didn’t want to admit, was that they had worked hard to build their big house… they were proud of it, and they felt like they deserved it.

It had become a symbol of their success, but when they realized their big home no longer suited them and their empty nest lifestyle, the decision to downsize became so much easier.

And, of course, the actual process of downsizing wasn’t easy. It definitely took a lot of hard work and coordinating, but it was worth it!

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ABC’s of Downsizing


Making the decision to downsize changed their life forever. My client is telling all of her friends, “Just do it! Stop being afraid!”

If you are thinking of downsizing, one thing I would strongly recommend is that you start talking to your family and friends who have already downsized.

I would love to hear from you. If you have already downsized, please share your ideas about how you overcame your fear and started your downsizing journey!

If you need help downsizing, please reach out and also on our website!