By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

As challenging as it might seem, some good things probably happened in your life and business in 2020. There were likely silver linings and some positive takeaways. What were they for you?

Here are my top 11 silver linings for 2020

  1. Finding time to reflect on what matters most.
  2. Having deeper conversations and connections with family and friends.
  3. Reconnecting with friends and colleagues from my past.
  4. Rebalancing and realigning my priorities in my life and in my business.
  5. Reigniting my passion, purpose, and the “why that makes me cry”.
  6. Developing new-found respect and appreciation for frontline workers who so selflessly serve in spite of their personal risks.
  7. Overcoming my deep-seated fears and mastering new technology.
  8. Pivoting with intention and purpose to successfully reimagine and reinvent my business to serve international audiences.
  9. Uncovering new depths of resilience, resourcefulness, and grit.
  10. Discovering peace, happiness, meaning, and contentment in living with less.
  11. Appreciating the importance of being “still”, so I can notice that the little things are not little things at all.

Most of all, realizing that with the help of strong faith, family, and friends, anything is possible… and 2020 was no exception.


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