Design The Life You Love Coaching Program

Are you stuck, restless and uninspired?

You know “something” is missing and you are yearning for so much MORE, but you are not even sure what that is?

Does it feel like your life is out of control with everyone else’s “to-do list” and no time for what you want… or need?

Is it time for you to take your life back and start living the life you want?

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. 

Most people are not living the life they really want, let alone the life they dream of. Unfortunately, they have settled for status quo and don’t believe it’s possible to live a life they love. In fact, some people have forgotten what their dreams even were.

As an interior designer for over 35 years, I have not only had the opportunity to design and transform thousands of interiors throughout the country, but I have also had the privileged of upgrading the quality of peoples’ lives through design.

As a lifestyle design coach, I apply the exact same 10-Step Design Process to help people design and reinvent their lives to the life they’ve dreamed of but didn’t think was possible. I leverage my design skills and years of expertise to help people create a blueprint and a vision to live the life they love.

I challenge my lifestyle design clients to think differently, “see through their own walls/ barriers” that prevent them from living the life they want and help them see what’s possible. That’s what lifestyle is… you define it, you design it!

Lifestyle Design: What It Is… and What It Isn’t

1. Lifestyle design is… FREEDOM.

Living life on your own terms. Disrupting status quo. Making choices that align with what matters most to you.

Lifestyle design is not…

Status quo living, acting or thinking.  Being resigned, not questioning that life doesn’t have to be that way.

2. Lifestyle design is… EMPOWERMENT

Designing the life you want, pursuing your own dreams that you create.

Lifestyle Design is not…

Living someone else’s dreams or dreams they have for you.

3. Lifestyle design is… GROWTH

Embracing change, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, grown, take risks, living life on the skinny branches.

Lifestyle design is not…

Remaining inside your comfort zone, afraid to take risks.

4.Lifestyle design is… CLARITY

Having a clear vision for what you want (and don’t want). Goals that stretch you, but are attainable. A plan and practical action steps to help you achieve remarkable results you want.

Lifestyle design is not…

Living on autopilot, having no GPS. Being too busy to discern what you want/ don’t want and having a plan to get there.

5. Lifestyle design is… POSSIBILITY

Having a growth mindset, believing anything is possible if you want it badly enough and are willing to work for it. Worth the risk of failure.

Lifestyle design is not…

Having a fixed mindset, not believing change is possible. Not worth the effort because you might fail.

6. Lifestyle design is… MOTIVATION

Investing in yourself.  Spending your time, money and energy to accomplish your goals so you can live the life you really want.

Lifestyle design is not…

Lacking desire to spend time, money or energy to create desired changes.

7. Lifestyle design is… AWARENESS

Questioning. Giving yourself permission to ask the hard questions to understand what’s preventing you from having the life you want.

Lifestyle design is not…

Being willing to question, challenge yourself to confront obstacles that are stopping you.

8. Lifestyle design is… VISION

Expecting to succeed, expecting to live the life they dream of and doing what is necessary to have that.

Lifestyle design is not…

Hoping life will get better, things will change. Waiting for something to happen rather than making it happen.

9. Lifestyle design is… MEANING AND FULFILLMENT

Intentional living. Pursuing what matters most. Being proactive to have the life you want.

Lifestyle design is not…

Complacency. Inaction. No GPS and drive to have the life you want.

10. Lifestyle design is… RESPONSIBILITY

Accepting full responsibility for your mistakes and failures. Using them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Lifestyle design is not…

Not owning up to your mistakes and failures. Blaming others for your life situations and circumstances.

It is possible to DESIGN and LIVE the life you love… I did it, so can you! 

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So what is it that you want… really want for your life?

What do you want MORE of, LESS of?

What is it that would make you jump out of bed each morning and light you up?

  • If you are asking yourself… how can I design the life I want?
  • If you are ready to take the next step.
  • If you are committed to having the life you never thought possible.

Then it’s time to make time for you!

Schedule a complimentary discovery call  to discover how you can get from where you are now to where you really want to be.

Here is what people are saying: 

“Rita is living proof that you should never stop growing and evolving. She helped reignite my original spark by questioning what I really wanted so I could go after it. She inspired me to have the courage to change my career so I could use my gifts to serve others”.                S. Everett, M.Ed, CHC

“Want to do what you dream of?  Rita showed me how! When I first met with Rita, I was overwhelmed, stuck, and over-committed to projects that no longer lit me up.  Through coaching, she helped me discover my passion by connecting the dots with my love for  animals and my commitment to helping kids who are bullied.  Today, I have published my first children’s book and am working on the second.”  J. Killian

“You helped me at a time where I just wanted to quit. Nothing in my life was working the way I wanted – your tough but loving coaching helped me at a time I needed it most and I’m forever grateful.  Today my business is booming and we just went national!” T. Dodd

“One of the most important things I learned from Rita’s coaching is, “Stay true to myself, chart my own course, live my own life… not someone else’s dream for me.  For years I had been living my parents’ dream for my life.  I checked all the right boxes, got the right degrees, but ended up hating my career path.  Thanks to Rita, I am now living my own dream and love what I do each day!” L. Trout, Executive Director for non profit