What Do You Do Once Your Nest is Empty? 

Becoming an empty nester can be an emotional transition for parents. While you’re proud of your children for going out on their own, it’s also natural to feel a certain sadness. In addition to the emotional response, there are practical problems that come along with being an empty nester. Suddenly you’re left with empty, unused spaces, and all the things your child left behind. 

Should I Stay Here Or Should I Move Homes? 

This is a question many empty nesters ask themselves. Do you want to try to utilize the spaces no longer being used by your children? Or would it be better to move homes entirely? The truth is, the answer is different for everyone. One thing all empty nesters can benefit from, however, is learning how to live a simpler life through downsizing.  

How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less 

My name is Rita Wilkins, and I’m known as the downsizing designer. I’m eager to act as your guide on your downsizing journey! By learning to live with less, you can enjoy 

  • More Time – When you downsize, you can spend less time worrying about maintaining those things you no longer need.  
  • More Money – Downsizing means you’ll free up your money to do with as you please. 
  • More Freedom – The ultimate gift of downsizing is allowing you the freedom to spend your days as you want to spend them.  

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