In this blog I’m going to show you how to simplify your life in just 3 easy steps.

You will not believe the difference it can make in living a simpler, more balanced, and more peaceful life!

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the overabundance of clutter in your home and in your life…
  • If your life feels out of control and out of balance…

It might be time for you to start your own journey to living a more abundant life with less, a minimalist journey if you will.

Chasing The Dream of Having More

I’m glad you’re here because there comes a time in life when you wake up… you’re tired of playing the game of working 24/7 to achieve the “American dream” of the big house, luxury cars, power, status, and lots of stuff!

You suddenly realize your life is spiraling out of control and that quite possibly you’ve been chasing someone else’s dream, not your own. And before you know it, you were headed down the rabbit hole wanting more and having more, but not having enough time or energy to enjoy those things that truly matter to you.

Fortunately, YOU WOKE UP!

It’s not too late to take back control so you can start living your own life based on your values and focusing on what matters to you.

3 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life Now

1.    Define what a simple life means to you.

Because this is a very personal journey, there is no one size fits all. It’s important that you take the time to discern what a simple life looks like to you, one that will make your life simpler, happier, and more peaceful.

Ask yourself:

What do you want LESS in your life?

Take this opportunity to clearly identify those things that literally suck energy from you.

What can you remove from your life to make it simpler and more meaningful?

  • A job that you can’t stand or one that you do not feel valued for your talents.
  • A calendar that is so filled up that it leaves you no white space for you and things that matter to you
  • Naysayers…or people who tell you, you can’t when you know you can.

Then ask yourself:

What do you want MORE of in your life?

Those things, people, and activities that light you up, things you are passionate about and that make you feel fully alive.

  • Time with family spouse, and loved ones.
  • Time to travel, and experience new things.
  • A meaningful career or volunteer activities.
  • Time for personal and professional growth and development.
  • Time for you, time to do nothing.

Once you’ve discerned what you want less of and more of, set goals, timelines, and actions needed to take in order to accomplish these important goals.

2.    Declutter your home and your life.

While it might seem obvious, decluttering is critical if you want a simpler life.

By removing both physical clutter and mental clutter, your life will naturally get simpler, more organized, and more efficient.

  • You will start to experience less stress, more happiness, peace, and contentment.
  • You will start to feel more in control of your life because you will have more time and energy to pursue what is most important to you.

Removing Clutter… What You Want LESS Of.

Having fewer distractions helps make room for what you want more of in your life, things that contribute to a happier and simpler life.

Because decluttering your home and your life frees up more time, freedom, money, and energy to pursue things that you are passionate about, things that light you up.

Check out my hundreds of blogs and videos on my website and on my YouTube channel that will show you how to get started, how to stay motivated on your downsizing and decluttering journey.

3.    Establish habits and routines that help you master the art of living a simpler life with less.

Living a simpler life takes practice. It takes daily editing, refining, and curating.

By continuing to focus on step number one… What a simple life looks like to you and what you want more or less of, you’ll start choosing ways to establish certain habits and routines that will keep you moving towards a simpler life.

Examples of being intentional and creating new habits and routines that will help you live a simpler life with less.

  • Intentionally reduce clutter to maintain a clutter-free home.

Adopt this mantra: “Don’t put it down, put it away.”

Once you’ve decluttered and gotten your home organized so that everything has a home, the habits and routines will help you live that simpler less cluttered life.

  • Intentionally stay focused on a simple life.

Stop mindlessly scrolling and wasting time on social media

Regularly delete emails, texts, photos, and junk mail.

Practice saying “NO” to what you don’t want or that doesn’t add value to your simpler life.

  • Intentionally stop buying more.

Eliminate buying items you don’t need or won’t use that clutter and complicate your life.

Stop impulse buying to relieve stress, loneliness, or guilt.

Say “NO” to the newest phones, gadgets, or designer clothing.

  • Intentionally practice the art of living with less.

Ask yourself:

Do you really need to spend five dollars on a cup of coffee each day?

Does that item add value to your life?

Does that item make your life simpler or does it complicate your life?

If you follow these 3 steps, you can simplify your life.

Throughout this journey, you’ll likely discover many new things about yourself.

Make sure you take time to notice.

  • How much lighter you feel.
  • How much less stressed and overwhelmed you feel.
  • How much less you actually need to be happy?

Regardless of whether you choose to dip your toe into the water of a simpler life or jump right in and immerse yourself into a whole new lifestyle, make sure to notice.

  • How much more time, money, freedom, and energy you have to design and live the life you really want.

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