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3 reasons why downsizing isn’t just for empty-nesters

Downsizing into a smaller home has been a rite of passage almost exclusively for empty-nesters and retirees. But as home prices and mortgage rates rise and the inventory of homes for sale shrinks, younger generations might find upsides to downsizing earlier in life. If you don’t need a bigger home, downsizing earlier could work in [...]

The Great Baby Boomer Retirement Plan: Downsize your life

Baby Boomers are increasingly downsizing to smaller homes or opting out of homeownership entirely in order to prepare for retirement, according to a new study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The survey pointed out that tens of millions of Baby Boomers will soon migrate into retirement, and could soon modify family spending, continue working [...]

6 Baby Boomer Travel Trends

Many baby boomers are hoping to do more traveling as they enter their retirement years. After decades of cramming travel into long weekends and limited vacation time, new retirees often have a pent up desire to visit new places. Here's how baby boomers plan to travel in retirement: A travel bucket list. Many baby boomers [...]

Older Americans Are Retiring in Droves

More and more baby boomers begin the new year with nothing on their schedule but plans to golf, travel, and spend more time with the grandkids. The number of Americans aged 65 or older without a disability that aren't in the labor force rose by 800,000 in the fourth quarter of 2016, marking the resumption [...]

Rent or Own, Here’s What Baby Boomers Want Next

A 'new normal' affordability and closer connections are what retiring Baby Boomers want from their moves in the next few years. By John McManus The Baby Boom--the original pig-in-a-python generational cohort--is frequently associated with the birth years 1946 to 1964. As Pew Research shows us here, those years account for about 76 million births in [...]

More Baby Boomers abandon the American Dream

Mortgages and homeownership may not be the American Dream as Baby Boomers begin moving into the apartments and urban areas, according to an article by Gail MarksJarvis for the Chicago Tribune. Homeownership decreased among people ages 50 to 64 from 2005 to 2013, according to the article. In the past 10 years, Baby Boomers account [...]

Rent vs. Buy: The three questions Boomers should be asking themselves

Baby Boomers have become one of the major drivers of rental demand over the past decade, according to a study by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Other research finds that Boomers accounted for twice the growth in renter households as millennials did since the recession — and their ranks will only grow as [...]

See Where Boomers Are Moving in the U.S.

Mature Couple Toasting Champagne Flutes In New House As their assets begin to regain value, baby boomers are seeking more for their money in lower-cost markets—causing a ripple effect in the housing market, an analysis by online real estate company RealtyTrac found. “Boomers who are downsizing are helping open the door for many [...]

AARP: Baby boomers, enjoying vacations, will travel often in 2017

Boomer Couple Smiling at Each Other on a Plane Everyone loves vacation and, according to data collected by AARP, most baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — said they will take at least one vacation in 2017, and on average, five. The survey was conducted through e-rewards, a website that provides [...]

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Reverse Migration: How Baby Boomers Are Transforming City Living

It’s the traditional migratory circle of life: Young folks flock to the blazingly bright cities to make their careers and have their kicks; middle-aged peeps move to the burbs, buy homes, and raise their broods; older Americans search out warmer, cheaper, and more water-aerobic-centric climes to make their retirement nests. End of story, right? But hold on. Baby [...]


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