Just like anything else, some people are naturally good at some things and totally clueless at others.

My 2 sons have always teased me by telling people “Our mom can see through walls.” Meaning, that is easy for me to walk into a room as a designer and visualize many ideas for a finished space. That’s a gift, a challenge I’ve been given that I get to use every day.

But conversely, please don’t ask me to troubleshoot what’s wrong with your computer because that’s not my skill set and it’s not as easy for me as it might be for you.

Similarly, decluttering and organizing are second nature to some while it’s overwhelming and frustrating and challenging to others. 

A Creative Roadmap to Help You Declutter and Get Organized

That’s why there are so many people, perhaps you are one of them, who seek guidance to help with decluttering and getting organized.

They need a roadmap, a step-by-step guide that they can follow, and learn how to let go of the excess stuff in their homes. And then, also learn how to organize it in a logical way so that they know exactly where to find things when they want or need them. 

Just to get started, here’s a short quiz.

  1. If you needed a Phillips-head screwdriver to fix something right now, would you know exactly where to find it?
  • If your spouse surprised you with a week-long vacation to a warm climate, would you be able to find your summer clothes so you could pack and be ready in 2 hours?
  • If you had an unexpected dinner guest, would you be able to find things in your pantry and refrigerator to create a nice dinner?
  • If your accountant called and asked for a specific document he needed to complete your taxes, would you be able to easily put your hands on it?
  • If you were to get in an accident and suddenly pass away, would your children or heir be able to locate an access your important paperwork and password for your files on your computer or phone?

You can see that some of these questions have more serious consequences than others, but the reason I mention these is to raise awareness of the importance of decluttering and organizing your home so that you can easily locate whatever is needed.

And it also helps you save time, money, effort, and aggravation.

When you have a clutter-free home, when that is organized, you will start to live a simpler, calmer, and more peaceful life.

My 5-step guide to decluttering and organizing your home is a simple tool that will show you how to strategically, efficiently, and effectively declutter and organize any or all areas of your home… Even if you are extremely cluttered!

Downsize your sentimental clutter.

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Remember, it is possible that not all areas of your home need decluttering and organizing, so walk through your home and prioritize areas that need the most attention.

Examples: mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, hall, closet, etc.

  • Pick the top 5 areas that will have the biggest impact if they are decluttered and organized.
  • Schedule a time to work on that area. Commit to completing it before moving on to the next, so you can experience the positive impact of your efforts.
  • At the scheduled date and time, begin the process.

Step #1: Remove Everything From The Area


  • Decide what you want to keep.
    • You like it, need it, will use it… and it fits.
    • Put into the “keep pile.”
  • Sort your pile into categories
    • I.e., shirts, pants, dresses
  • Return the key items to the closet, organizing them into categories.
  • Shirts, pants, dresses, so you will be able to find them when you want them or need them.

Step #2: Decide What You Want to Discard.

  • Immediately place it into the discard box or bag, and put it into the trash.

Step #3: Decide What You Want to Sell or Repurpose

  • Place into the sell box or repurposed bag or box.
  • Commit to selling or repurposing it within 30 days or, donate it.

Step #4: Decide What You Want to Donate

  • Place in donate bag or box.
  • Immediately put into your car and commit to a day that same week that you will drop off to a donation site or schedule a donation pick up.

Step #5: Move To the Next Area

  • After you’ve completed the first area or room, move onto the next area that you prioritized, and that will make a huge difference organized and decluttered.
  • Follow the same 5 steps.

If you allow 15 to 30 minutes per day or more using this method, you will be amazed at the progress you can make to declutter and get organized.

It does take time…

It does take discipline to complete these tasks.

But because they are broken down into small manageable chunks of time and because you will see clear results from your efforts, you will be motivated to keep the momentum going.

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