You Don’t Have To Live With A Cluttered Home 

If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter in your home and would like professional help to learn how to start decluttering – you’re in luck! My name is Rita Wilkins. Some know me as the Downsizing Designer. Once, I too lived with too much clutter. Now, I live with 95% less than what I once owned and I couldn’t be happier. I can help you achieve this too! 

Why Should I Declutter My Home? 

You may not realize it, but clutter in your home can prevent you from living life to its fullest. When you make the decision to declutter your life, you’ll find there are many benefits.  

  • More Time – When you declutter your home, you spend less time on cleaning and maintaining your home and have more time to do what you want! 
  • More Money – Perhaps you spend money making sure there’s space for the clutter you don’t need or want. You don’t have to do that anymore! 
  • More Freedom – Get rid of clutter and you’ll have more freedom to live how you want. 

Learn How To Get Started Decluttering Now 

My 8 Proven Methods To Start Decluttering course is available now! This course is designed to help you learn how to get started decluttering. This course teaches you different methods of decluttering, and each method comes with an easy 1-page checklist to help you stay on task. 

Sign up for the 8 Proven Methods To Start Decluttering course today! 

Rita Wilkins Offers Lifestyle Design And Interior Design Services  

Do you want to learn more about downsizing and decluttering? Call Design Services LTD at 302-475-5663 to discuss your design needs. You can also connect with me by following me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Would you like complimentary advice from the downsizing designer? You can schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me today.