Are You Ready To Create A Minimalist Home? Get Started Decluttering 

You don’t have to live in a house that is overrun with clutter. You can choose instead to follow a minimalist lifestyle and sense of design. Get rid of clutter to achieve your ideal minimalist home. Do you find you’re not sure how to get started decluttering? Don’t worry, you can find help to learn about decluttering and minimalism. 

Learn About Decluttering, Downsizing, And Minimalism From The Downsizing Designer 

Hi, it’s Rita. Like you, I once had a life with too much clutter. I wanted something simpler, something more minimalist. Then I downsized my home and got rid of 95% of what I once owned. Since then, I’ve never been happier. As the Downsizing Designer, it’s my goal to help others learn to lead the minimalist lifestyle they desire through downsizing and decluttering. 

Create Your Minimalist Home Be Creating A Minimalist Mindset 

Words and thoughts have great power. Thinking to yourself “I can do this” gives you the empowerment you need to do the task you’ve set before you. However, if you tell yourself “I can’t do this.” you’ll likely fall into the trap of the self-fulfilling prophecy. In telling yourself you can’t do something, you’ve limited yourself.  

When it comes to decluttering, you may find yourself thinking that you can’t get rid of this or that. You may also find yourself thinking of minimalism in a way that makes you reluctant to seek out a more minimalist lifestyle. You may think of minimalism as a form of depriving yourself. 

What if you could change the way you think about minimalism? What if you started thinking of minimalism as a way of simplifying your life? What if decluttering was a method to get rid of things that get in the way of you living your life? By creating this minimalist mindset, you can enable yourself to live a simpler, freer, happier life. 

Learn more about what a minimalist mindset is and how creating a minimalist mindset can help you get started on decluttering in my video “How To Create Your Ideal Minimalist Home and Mindset.” Eager to seek out more decluttering tools and minimalist tips? Visit the Design Services online store, where I offer decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and more. 

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