By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Decluttering is one of the top 3 New Year’s resolutions people make each year, preceded by weight loss and exercise.

So, it’s easy to understand why people try, give up, and then show up again the following year determined to try once again.

If you are committed to winning the game of decluttering once and for all, I’ve created a free Minimalist Home Decluttering Checklist to inspire and motivate you to finally achieve your goal of decluttering your home and your life so you can live a more peaceful life with a lot less clutter.

You’re probably saying, “but I’m not a minimalist!” and that’s OK.

But I’d like you to consider that when you adopt some of the principles of minimalism while decluttering, you will likely discover that half the battle with clutter is about mindset.

When you have a winning mindset, it will help you get started and keep going on your New Year’s resolution to declutter your house, and live a simpler life with less stuff and less stress.

And chances are that in the process, you will likely discover that you need far less than you think you need!

6 minimalist guiding principles that will help you have a winning decluttering mindset as you start this journey

1.    Reduce the number of items in your home to ONLY things you need and that add value to your life.

2.    Optimize your space, time, health, and life by reducing anything that distracts from a simpler, higher quality of life.

3.    Surround yourself with items that you love and use for a calm, more peaceful life.

4.    Practice gratitude daily. Be grateful for all that you have… not what you don’t have.

5.    Experience the joy of living with less, having enough, being enough and being content with all that you do have.

6.    Once you have digested the 5 key principles of minimalism, take time to discern your deep “why” for decluttering.

  • i.e., better relationship with my family and spouse
  • i.e., more time, money, and freedom to live the life I want to live without so much stuff, weighing me down


1.    Create your vision, for what life would be like after decluttering.

2.    Create a detailed plan and action steps for how you will accomplish your decluttering goals.

3.    Start small, one step at a time accomplishing a little each day.

4.    Get others to support you on your decluttering journey.

5.    Review your vision and goals regularly.

Room by room, area by area, utilize my new Minimalist Home Decluttering Checklist.

Commit to removing any and all excess clutter in your home, and in your life that impacts your ability to live your life fully on your own terms.

When used while decluttering, these 4 words will help you make quicker and more powerful decisions.

Unused             Unwanted              Unloved        Unnecessary

Settle for less “stuff”… you’ll be glad you did!

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