By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Have you noticed what I am noticing? Are you starting to receive invitations from family and friends again?

  • Come for dinner?
  • Join us for golf or tennis?
  • Let’s have coffee or a drink?

Is it a sign of our times? After a year of being cooped up in our houses, working and learning from home, not being able to travel, visit family and friends.

Are you noticing that just like the beautiful spring flowers and trees that are coming back to life, are we also opening up, wanting desperately to let the light and life back in?

Over the past several weeks I have been receiving many calls from design clients requesting an upgrade to their guest rooms… you know, that room in the house that gets ignored… it has been a hobby room, a workout room, a storage room, and most recently as Zoom room or a home office!

But now my clients are asking that it also becomes an inviting guest bedroom.

  • They’re ready to entertain again, to have overnight guests.
  • They’re ready to reconnect with family and loved ones, to create new experiences and memories.

All of this is great news because as a designer, I heartily embrace getting to help clients design beautiful spaces that also help them live better lives.

But also, as a designer for over 35 years, I have had the opportunity to observe and participate in many of these lifestyle shifts so when I see what I am seeing now… requests to design beautiful guest rooms from multiple clients, I become curious about the bigger picture.

I wonder what it is saying about:

  • Who we are…
  • What it is that we are yearning for in our lives…
  • What is it that is missing right now…

Full disclosure: I am a designer, not a psychologist, but I am intrigued by how often they go hand in hand.

Here’s my designer take on an emerging trend and why it seems that upgrading guest rooms might possibly become a growing new trend.

What does this desire to invite family and friends back into our home say about us?

  • “I’ve missed you”
  • “Please come visit and stay awhile”
  • “Let us pamper you, take care of you”
  • “We’re so glad we can be together again!”

A well-designed guest room or guest quarters can do just that. It can accomplish all of these.

Is it a trend? Is it a sign of our times? It’s too early to tell, but if you are starting to plan your first getaway to visit family and friends since the pandemic, I’d be willing to bet they are sprucing up the guestroom right now just for you.


Five of My Favorite Tips for Designing a Guest Bedroom

That Will Make Your Guest Feel Like They Never Want to Leave


1. Start with a statement headboard and a great bed

Since the bed is the primary focus in a guest bedroom, why not make a huge statement that invites them in?

  • Start with an over-scaled upholstered headboard in a piece of exquisite fabric.
  • Take your time finding a mattress that your guest would love to come back to.


2. Go all out with creature comforts

It’s all about comfort and pampering your guests.

  • Use fine linens, luxurious towels, plush robes, slippers, pillows, and area rugs.
  • Go beyond the essentials. Provide comfortable seating, dresser, mirror, closet space, space to unpack, phone chargers, books and local magazines of interest.


3. Touch all of the senses and pay attention to every detail

Don’t hold back:

  • Provide designer soaps, bath products, candles, specialty chocolates, cheeses, wines, coffee and teas, and soft music.
  • Other nice touches: fine papers, pens, journals, and notepads.


Designer Bathroom Tips


4. Don’t be afraid of color

It sets the mood that will make them feel welcome, pampered, and cared for.

  • Current design palettes include amethyst, sea glass, and tuscan sun.
  • Color can create an immersion experience.


5. Don’t forget the lighting

  • Consider a chandelier or sconces to upgrade the overall experience.
  • Lamp lighting is essential for a guest bedroom.
  • If you have overhead or recessed lights, make sure it can be softened with dimmers.


Most importantly, spend quality time with your family and loved ones. The beautiful guest room simply sets the stage for a wonderful reunion.

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