Can you believe that it’s been almost a year since the pandemic struck and we were all suddenly required to shelter in place and to figure out how to work and learn from home full time.

Most of us scrambled to find places in our home where we could set up a makeshift office, assuming it would be short-term. We worked on the kitchen table, on the dining room table, and some even discovered ways to carve out quiet spaces in their closets!

Many of you got really creative, removing closet doors, adding work surfaces, filing, and shelving to simulate an office cubicle. Some even got fancier. They painted their cloffice in a bold color or added wall covering to personalized it and make it their own.

But after a year of working in their cloffices or makeshift work areas, and after realizing how much they liked working from home and that they didn’t have to be in the office each day, many people have decided that working from home will be the new normal they choose in the future.

And they want to know how to design and organize a more permanent and workable HOME OFFICE 2.0: Check out our recent blog: Make yourself at home in your own home.

  • People are asking how to declutter their existing work environment so that they can create a more organized space that…
  • has everything they need just like their former office.
  • will help them be more productive, organized, and efficient.
  • they will actually enjoy working in and being in so that working from home becomes a much better and more enjoyable experience.

My Top Tips to Design Your Home Office 2.0

1. A Dedicated Space

Ideally, find a space in your home that can be dedicated strictly to work, one that you can close the door and separate your work life from your home life. This will help to improve work-life balance by creating a more organized and efficient space to work.

2. Ample Workspace

This should include everything you need to do your work in a more organize and effective manner: a desk, file space, storage space, shelving, and optional conference table and seating.

3. Proper Desk Height

Many have been working on portable tables or work surfaces causing back and neck strain because they have not been the proper height. A good desk height is between 29 and 30 inches. You might even choose to use an adjustable height desk for working and standing.

4. Proper Monitor Height

To avoid eye strain, your monitor should be at a level where you can look straight into the monitor while sitting. 

5. Ergonomic Chair

Ideally, you can sit in this chair and try it to make sure that it fits you. It should be adjustable and your arm, when sitting should be level with your work surface and keyboard so as to avoid arm and neck strain.

6. Multiple Workplaces Within Your Home Office

In addition to having a good working desk, you might also have a return, small conference table and sitting area to help with not only productivity but also creativity.

7. Good Lighting

Often overlooked, improper lighting causes eye strain. It’s important to have good over-all ambient lighting, task lighting, and natural light. To avoid sun glare, make sure you have tiltable shades.

8. Decorative Finishes That Are Pleasing to You

Paint, wall covering, stain finishes, fabrics, and artwork should be pleasing to you. It is critical to creating a home office environment that you love going to.

9. Other Important Items for Your Home Office 2.0

  • A print/copy/scanner with good collating space and easy access to paper storage.
  • A good microphone.
  • A headset or wireless earbuds to zone out the noise.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Surge protection
  • Good back up to the cloud.

People often underestimate the impact their home office environment has on their ability to work in an organized and effective manner. In addition to making sure that you have a dedicated home office it’s important to have a proper desk height and monitor height. The right ergonomic chair, good lighting, multiple workspaces, and decorative finishes that are pleasing to you will contribute to the kind of home office environment that is not only pleasing but also workable.

If you have any questions about designing and organizing your home office 2.0, I do provide virtual design consultation. Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute phone consult with me. Click here.