We have all probably had a few scary stories to tell about home renovation projects that didn’t go well. Or you probably heard friends and family share their nightmarish details of projects gone wrong.

“The right interior designer can actually help take the fear out of the process on your next design or renovation project.”

Top Home Design Book Recommendations from Rita “The Downsizing Designer”

#1 When I say the right designer, I mean one that is a good fit for you, one that has the knowledge, training, field experience, and one that you actually enjoy working with.

Like any working relationship, with your doctor or lawyer, your designer needs “to get you”, your taste, your style, your wants, your needs, and your wish lists, and last but not the least, your budget.

Their business practices need to align with yours

  • Knowing how much things cost upfront
  • Working with proposals and contracts
  • Providing information about fee structure, billing, etc.

 “In other words, the right designer is not only a good designer but is also a good business person.”


#2 How to find the right designer for you

After doing your research on the web, checking out testimonials, etc. Ask friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Hire the designer for an initial consult to walk through your projects.
  • See if they listen, take notes, and ask questions to get to know you and what you want, need, don’t need and your goals.
  • Do you like their ideas? Are there things that he or she recommended that you had not thought of before?

The communication style, method of communication, and frequency

  • Check out their website and get personal references.
  • Do they do videos and blogs?
  • Do you like what you see and hear?
  • Ask how they work, services that they provide, and their design fees.

#3 Do their values align with yours and are they skilled in all phases of the design and construction process?

 This vetting process is definitely worth your time and the small cost of an initial consultation to get the right designer for you, someone who is qualified and someone you will enjoy working with.

Once you have selected the designer you want to work with, here are just a few ways a designer can help prevent those nightmarish projects.

  • You will get your project off the ground
  • You will set realistic expectations on budgets and timelines
  • You will get through the process with the designer at your side, as a trusted adviser.
  • Your designer will help you avoid mistakes by providing multiple option and choices
  • You will get it right the first time by working on time and within budget
  • You risk getting overwhelmed and not being able to make up your mind
  • You might get tired of waiting cause the project never seems to get started
  • You might wish you’ve had explored more options
  • By not having a final plan that you are happy with the outcome may not be exactly what you wanted
  • By not being familiar with the bidding process and selecting reliable trades, you may end up getting poor bids
  • You end up wasting viable time and money!

“The right designer is knowledgeable about the entire design and construction process.”

The right designer has experience in the design, bidding, specification, and construction processes as well as, project management. And the right designer knows how to trouble shoot and problem solve so you don’t have to worry as the project will be overseen through the entire process.

You may have a strong desire to make it happen and you might even know some of the processes, and yes, it might even look easy, but it is still best to take into consideration the possible lack of expertise and experience. Your lack of expertise and experience. It is certainly helpful to be able to trouble shoot and seek alternative solutions for problems that might occur in the field. This helps prevent stress and overwhelm.

“The right designer has limitless ideas and choices.” 

You might regret not exploring multiple options and ideas. When offered only a few options, you might end up wishing you have thought of that before it was too late and too expensive to change.

Lighting is a perfect example. The right lighting can make all the difference. Too often people will say, if “I had only known”. Don’t let that be you.

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