downsizing for baby boomers posts by Rita Wilkins. Rita is a renowned expert in decluttering and minimalism, empowering individuals to simplify their lives through practical tips and resources, while also captivating audiences as a professional speaker and author.

Become A Minimalist Through Decluttering

Learn To Let Go Of Items, Get Rid Of Clutter, And Become More Minimalist  You don’t have to live your life surrounded by clutter. You may feel you don’t know how to get started decluttering or that you don’t know how to live a more minimalist lifestyle. You don’t have to accomplish your minimalist decluttering [...]

The Downsizing Designer’s 10 Favorite Home Organizing Solutions

For the first time, I would like to focus on actual products that I have used myself and strongly recommend. They will help you get organized and stay organized once you’ve decluttered a particular space. If you read my blogs, you know that I don’t normally encourage you to buy more because my primary focus [...]

Minimalism Decluttering: Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

Do You Have Too Much Stuff And Not Enough Space?  Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter in your home? Do you find you have too much stuff and not enough space in your home? Are you eager to learn minimalist decluttering tips so you can get rid of clutter? If so, you’re in the right [...]

Minimalist Tips: Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Downsizing 

Are You Ready To Downsize And Declutter?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your life? Do you feel it’s not as easy as you’d like it to be to maintain your home? Do you wish you could get rid of clutter? Are you interested in a more minimalist lifestyle? If [...]

Decluttering Tips: What To Do With A Loved One’s Belongings 

How To Declutter And Stay Clutter-Free  Whether you’re looking to get started decluttering or are looking for tips on how to remain clutter-free, it’s important to remember you don’t have to go through your decluttering journey alone. If you’re struggling with decluttering and long for a more minimalist style in your home, you’re in the [...]

Life After Decluttering: Starting Over in Retirement 

Decluttering Can Help You Start Over  Decluttering and downsizing can be big decisions to make – especially if these decisions coincide with preparing for retirement. Downsizing and decluttering come with unique challenges, including how to get started, how to stay motivated, etc. Whatever challenges you’re facing, you don’t have to face them alone. Seek help [...]

What Are The First Steps To Take When Downsizing In Your 60s? 

How Do I Plan To Downsize While In My 60s?  Are you ready to downsize your life? Are you tired of dealing with clutter? Are you in your 60s and looking to prepare for a simpler life during your retirement years? If so, you’re in the right place. Downsizing in your 60s can be an [...]

Downsizing In Your 60s And Reinventing Your Lifestyle

Are You Ready To Reinvent Your Lifestyle?  If you’re in your 60s and feeling the need to try something new and exciting, consider choosing to downsize and declutter your life. Not only can downsizing be a great way to prepare for your retirement years – it can tremendously improve your life. You can live with [...]

How To Create Your Ideal Minimalist Home and Mindset 

Are You Ready To Create A Minimalist Home? Get Started Decluttering  You don’t have to live in a house that is overrun with clutter. You can choose instead to follow a minimalist lifestyle and sense of design. Get rid of clutter to achieve your ideal minimalist home. Do you find you’re not sure how to [...]

Downsizing Your Home in Your 60s? Read This First

Are You Considering Downsizing Your Home And Decluttering Your Space?  Approaching retirement age requires us to consider changes that may feel uncomfortable. However, changes that seem intimidating could lead to you living a happier, freer life. If you feel bogged down with clutter, if you want to declutter but aren’t sure how, if you think [...]


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