Want To Learn How To Have A Minimalist Lifestyle? 

Do you struggle with the number of things in your home? Do you have too much stuff but not enough space? Would you like to get rid of clutter and lead a more minimalist lifestyle? You don’t have to live with unwanted clutter – you can learn how to let go of items, how to declutter your home, and accomplish a more minimalist style. 

What Is Clutter And How To Get Rid Of It 

Hi, it’s Rita, your Downsizing Designer. It can be all to easy to become overwhelmed by the clutter in your home. Clutter is an untidy collection of things, and this untidiness often comes from the fact that you have too much stuff and not enough space. I once had this same problem. After getting rid of 95% of what I once owned, however, I found I had more money, time, and freedom in my day-to-day life. That’s why today I help others learn how to let go of clutter – so they too can have more money, time, and freedom to live their lives as they choose. Decluttering Before And After As far as decluttering challenges go, the two biggest things that people often struggle with are the following: 

  • Before decluttering: getting started decluttering 
  • After starting to declutter: staying motivated to declutter. 

As the Downsizing Designer, I’ve developed tips and tricks to help with both of these decluttering challenges! Learn more about how to be a minimalist through minimalist decluttering tips when you the Design Services online store. There, I provide useful tools such as decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and more. Visit today to learn more! 

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