Decluttering Tips Help You Live A Minimalist Lifestyle 

Decluttering your life is a huge step to take – and it’s not an easy step to take on your own. You don’t have to look far for help with decluttering and downsizing, though. You’re in the right place for decluttering tips and minimalist tricks to help you achieve your downsizing and decluttering goals. 

Take The First Steps On Your Decluttering Journey With The Downsizing Designer 

Hi, Rita here. As your Downsizing Designer, I’m eager to guide you along your downsizing and decluttering journey, no matter where you are in it. Do you need help getting started decluttering? Do you want to learn tips to stay motivated while decluttering? I can help with all this and more! After getting rid of 95% of what I once owned and living with more money, time, and freedom, I’ve decided to help others achieve their decluttering and downsizing goals. 

How Can I Declutter My Parents’ Home? 

Cleaning your parents’ home after they’ve passed can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Not only are you grieving – you’re also trying to clean out a lifetime of belongings while still living your own life. These minimalist tips can make cleaning your parents’ home a little easier. 

3 Minimalist Tips For Cleaning Out Your Parents’ Home 

  1. Commit to your own values and what matters most to you. 
  1. Set boundaries and bring only what you actually need into your own home. 
  1. Make intentional decisions. 

If you’d like to hear more about these tips in detail, feel free to watch “3 Minimalist Tips To Cleaning Out Your Parents’ Home with Ease.” If you find yourself eager to learn more about downsizing and decluttering, visit the Design Services online store. You’ll find decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and much more to help you along your decluttering journey. 

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