Are You Considering Downsizing Your Home And Decluttering Your Space? 

Approaching retirement age requires us to consider changes that may feel uncomfortable. However, changes that seem intimidating could lead to you living a happier, freer life. If you feel bogged down with clutter, if you want to declutter but aren’t sure how, if you think you might need to downsize your home but aren’t sure – you don’t have to figure out how to accomplish these goals on your own. 

Learn About Life After Downsizing With The Downsizing Designer 

Hi, Rita here. As the Downsizing Designer, I’ve made it my goal to help others understand what life after downsizing can look like. After downsizing from a large 5000 square foot home to an 867 square foot apartment and getting rid of 95% of what I once owned, I have never been happier. You can lead a happier life with more money, time, and freedom to do as you choose after downsizing too. 

Downsizing And Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

Change can be difficult, especially if you perceive the change as leaving something comfortable and familiar behind. Downsizing your home, moving away from the home you raised your children in and the neighborhood you’re familiar with, retiring from a career you’ve spent decades in – all of these things require you to step outside of your comfort zone. Many baby boomers as they approach retirement find themselves delaying decluttering and downsizing for this very reason. They put it off, thinking they’ll get to it “someday.” However, “someday” may never come. 

How do you know when it is the right time to downsize and declutter? 

3 Wake-Up Calls To Downsize And Declutter 

  1. That big house is just not working for you anymore. 
  1. You feel like something is missing in your life. 
  1. You feel it’s time for you to prioritize yourself. 

Learn more about these 3 Wake-Up Calls to downsize and declutter, as well as the benefits of life after downsizing, when you watch my video “Downsizing Your Home in Your 60s? Read This First.” You can also find more decluttering tools at the Design Services online store. Try my minimalist decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and more today. 

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