By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

The pandemic taught us many things, perhaps one of the most important lessons:

Stand back and look at your life through a new lens.

Rethink what matters most, what’s essential, and what’s not.

During the pandemic, many people chose to declutter their homes by removing those things that took up space and were not important to them, things that were not essential.

They realized how much space was being taken up in their homes with things they barely used or didn’t even need.

What many also discovered is that by getting rid of that clutter, it freed up time, money, and energy to focus more on what matters most to them.

In many cases, they even realized how much more efficient and productive they were because the clutter wasn’t bogging them down.

What they were actually discovering and experiencing is in effect, minimalism.

The less they owned, the more freedom they had.

  • They felt more in control of their lives even in that dark of Covid.
  • They somehow felt lighter and even happier.

Did this happen to you during Covid? Where the more closets you emptied, the more drawers you edited, the more stuff you got rid of the lighter and happier you became.

Minimalism, at its core, is removing anything that you no longer want, need, or use. Those things that weigh you down, those schedules that leave no room for things you really want to do.

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When you let go of these, you experience ways that you can downsize and simplify your life which leads to a simple, less cluttered, and more meaningful life. Over time, you can transform your home and your life when you declutter and downsize like a minimalist. It gradually changes you, your focus, and your life.

How does a minimalist downsize and declutter?

How can you learn to really enjoy living with less?

1.   Awareness of the amount of stuff you have

When you become aware of just how much you have and decide to do something about it…

2.   Limit how much you allow into your home in the future

  • Adopt the one in, one out rule.
  • Edit regularly.

3.   Repurpose and make do

  • Don’t spend unnecessarily.
  • Get creative. Think of ways to make do with what you have already.

4.    Make every inch of your home work for you

  • Make every inch function. No wasted or unused spaces.
  • Each area has a purpose. Each item has a home

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5.   Incur little or no debt

  • Buy only what you need.
  • Buy quality that will last longer so you have to replace it less often.

6.   Don’t be concerned about what others think

Downsizing to a smaller house? So, what if the neighbors still have big houses? If a smaller home fits you and your current lifestyle, just do it and enjoy it!

7.   Enforce boundaries

  • Without feeling guilty, say no to gift giving.
  • Request experiences instead.

Say no to too many appointments and events on your calendar, especially those not aligned with what really matters to you.

Why waste your time on too many commitments that don’t really matter to you?

8.   Prioritize experiences

  • Time with family, friends and loved ones is far more meaningful than gifts that you may not need or use.

9.   Learn to be content with what you have

After all, if you have decluttered and surrounded yourself with only what you need, used, and love, that is enough. Enjoy having enough and being enough!

Transforming your home and your life is a process. It takes time. For sure, the first steps you take when downsizing and decluttering are the most difficult. It gets easier and easier to let go of overtime… Especially as you begin to experience the benefits of a simpler less cluttered life.


When you surround yourself with only things you need and love, you are not giving up anything when you get rid of excess stuff… Rather, you are making room for what matters most to you.

And it doesn’t get any better than that!

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