Learn How To Downsize And Declutter Today 

Do you have a cluttered home? Do you find that the clutter in your home makes you feel stressed? Does it make it hard to enjoy your home? What if you didn’t have to deal with clutter any longer? Hi, I’m Rita Wilkins and I’m known as the Downsizing Designer. Once, my life was too cluttered, too. Now, I live with 95% less than what I used to own. My life is happier and simpler after I took my own downsizing journey. Now, I teach you how to downsize and declutter your life. 

Make Decluttering Easy By Finding The Right Method 

Once you decide to downsize and declutter your life, you may find yourself at a loss for how to actually begin. Perhaps the task of decluttering seems so daunting and difficult that you find yourself at a standstill. You can make decluttering easy simply by finding the right decluttering method. 

Learn About Decluttering Methods With The 8 Decluttering Methods Online Course 

You can learn which decluttering method works best for you when you sign up for my 8 Decluttering Methods online course. What are some of the decluttering methods you could learn? 

  • The ABCs Method – In this method, you sort items according to how much you need and want them. 
  • The Room by Room, Week by Week Method – Take your decluttering process one room at a time, one week at a time. 
  • The Extreme Decluttering Party Method – Get your friends to help you in an Extreme Decluttering Party. 

Don’t wait – sign up for the 8 Decluttering Methods online course soon. Find the decluttering method that makes decluttering easy. 

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