By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work less, maybe 3- or 4-day work week, and yet still make a great income that will provide for you and your family?

This lifestyle design concept of a 4-hour workweek was introduced to us by Tim Ferriss a number of years ago. The idea being, that you can work less and make more money, allowing you the freedom to spend more time on things that matter to you outside of work…

  • Time with family
  • Start and grow a new business
  • Travel and learn

This lifestyle is about designing and living life on your own terms.

During the COVID lockdown, as we worked from home, perhaps on some level we all got a taste of what life could be like if we had more freedom, more time, to chart our own course.

Rather than returning to the office full-time where your time belongs to others, many are choosing not to go back to the office. They are figuring out how to work from home so they can have more quality time with their families and making a good living.

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They are challenging their thinking from the way things have always been to the way they would like them to be in the future so they can live in alignment with what matters to them… and to live a life with no regrets.

Recent studies show that people over 40 work best when they work only 3 days a week. They performed best when they worked 25 hours per week due to less stress and fatigue.

Benefits of working less and living more are real:

  • Better health, happiness, focus, and productivity.


How Can You Work Less, Play More, and Make More?

1. Do only what you love

Take time to discern what matters most to you, what you’re passionate about, and where you can use your God-given talents to bring the most value to others while fulfilling your own goals.

Start by making a list of non-negotiables…

  • What you “DO” want and what you “DON’T” want.

Remember… don’t settle!

Work smarter, not harder by clearly identifying your best client, the type of client you love working with, who value what you do. Be willing to focus most of your time and effort on this area.

  • Know your “best time” and “best place” to work… when and where you are most productive and most focused.
  • Prioritize, set goals, establish clear boundaries and abide by them.


    • Time with your family.
    • Time for you.
    • Taking only the clients who value you and who are willing to pay you well for your time and talent.

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2. Organize, systematize and optimize your business

Make your business as efficient as possible by automating as much as possible… both your business and your income.


  • Evergreen online courses, group coaching, affiliate marketing, and online banking.


3. Stay in your lane

  • Where you are doing what you do best, and where you can stay in your “zone” …
  • Where you are most creative and can contribute the most value.

Rather than wasting your time in multiple lanes, delegate and let others do tasks you don’t enjoy, aren’t good at, or that slow you down.

Allow yourself to focus only on what you do best.


4. Avoid distractions at all costs

Be intentional about how and when you answer phone calls and emails or use social media. Set boundaries that allow you to focus and be highly productive.

Block out times for you and your team to work on specific projects and let nothing get in your way of having that focused time to work independently or collaboratively.


If are you are feeling burned out, that you were working too much, and not having enough time to enjoy life, start by prioritizing what matters most to you and what you do and don’t want.

Let go of all the things that are preventing you from having the freedom, flexibility, mobility, and fulfillment that you have worked hard for and deserve.


Watch to learn more:

YouTube “Work Three, Play More”


For the past five years, I created this lifestyle for myself of Working 3, Playing 4.

I now have more time, money, and freedom for not only pursuing the career that I love but also the life that I love.

If you want to work less, play more, and make more, it is possible!


If you want to know more,

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