By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

If you are a baby boomer and if your family has gotten smaller, maybe you’ve been looking around your house, wondering if it is still a good fit for your empty nest or retired lifestyle.

Your life has changed…

  • Your kids have grown and now have lives and homes of their own.
  • Your neighbors suddenly look younger than you do.
  • Your former neighborhood friends have since moved.

You’re left wondering if you, too, should downsize or “right-size” to another home and area, one that is a better fit for your current stage of life and lifestyle.

You have friends that…

  • Moved to a city condo or apartment so that they could be within walking distance of restaurants, shops and theaters.
  • Chose to live in a 55+ community so that they could be closer to their children and grandchildren.
  • Chose to live in a cottage near the beach or the mountains to experience a completely different lifestyle.

You were wondering:

  • What is the right size house and location for you?
  • How do you go about finding it?

Having just gone through this entire process myself were I chose to leave the bustling city life behind and move to a quieter lifestyle in a small, historic village on the water.

I created a checklist that will help you discover the right-size home that is a perfect fit for your current stage of life and desired lifestyle.

If you are considering right-sizing your home, I’ve created this new checklist to make your journey easier, jog your memory, make a list, so you don’t miss something, and to get you started.


The Rightsized Home Checklist

Think of this checklist as your “wants, needs, and wish list” when you are looking for the right-size home. You will start by asking yourself a series of questions and checking the boxes that apply to you.

I recommend that when you use this checklist that you and your spouse or partner do it independent of each other and that you respond separately to ascertain the most accurate picture of the right-size home for you and your desired lifestyle.

See my newly published Right-Sized Home Checklist.



Finding the right size home takes time and effort…

  • To discern what matters most to you.
  • To decide what you want, need, and wish for at this time of your life… right now as our lives change, so do our needs and desires.

Getting it “right” means…

  • The right floorplan
  • The right location
  • The right size
  • The right budget
  • The right for you and your lifestyle now

Bottom line:

One of the most important items in any checklist is to do a “gut check” … how does it feel?

When you do get it right, you will “JUST KNOW”!

I wish you well on your journey.

Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

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