Downsizing For Baby Boomers 

Baby boomers, have you considered that downsizing many be the way to get the simpler, happier life you’ve desired? My name is Rita Wilkins. After I began my own downsizing journey and gave away 95% of what I once owned, I realized I was left with more time, money, and freedom to do what I want. Now, as The Downsizing Designer, I’m ready to help others do that same.  

Commit To Your Downsizing Journey With Help From My Email Lessons 

I’ve designed a email course for baby boomers called How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less. During this course, I address many common concerns and roadblocks that baby boomers may have as they consider downsizing. 

  • Emotional Roadblocks – I teach you how to recognize, understand, and move past emotional roadblocks that prevent you from letting go of clutter. 
  • Dueling Downsizers – I help married baby boomers approach their partners about the benefits of downsizing and help them talk through their respective concerns and needs. 
  • Your Children’s Things – I help baby boomers decide what to do with the things their children have left behind. Are these things your kids really want? Is there any real purpose to holding onto these things? 

Baby Boomers, You Don’t Have To Walk Your Downsizing Journey Alone 

Through the How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less course, you’ll receive easy-to-digest emails that will guide you through your downsizing process. I’ve taken great care to craft this information to make it easy for baby boomers to take on downsizing and decluttering. I’m eager to help you live the life you want by decluttering your life. 

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