Baby Boomers, Do You Need To Declutter Your Life? 

I’m Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer. In my experience, many baby boomers find that, after a life of collecting things, souvenirs, and gifts, they simply have too much stuff! I once had too much stuff, as well. I simplified my life by downsizing and decluttering. I gave away 95% of what I once owned and I’ve never been happier! Now, I can help you do the same. 

Empty Nesters – You Can Simplify Your Life With Downsizing And Decluttering 

One of the many potential catalysts for starting your own downsizing journey could be that your nest is finally empty. Your children are grown and living their own lives in their own homes. However, they leave both space and things behind. What do you do with those things and that space? 

Downsizing for empty nesters is one of the topics covered in my email course, How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less. I encourage baby boomers who are holding onto things for their kids – do the kids really want this stuff? In this part of the lesson, I cover: 

  • Swedish Death Cleaning – A practical way to make things easier on your loved one after you’re gone. 
  • Getting Clarity – Learn how to get clarity on what your loved ones really want. 
  • Finding Value – Researching the appraised value of what your loved ones don’t want. 

Baby Boomers, Learn How To Declutter And Downsize Your Life Today 

How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less is a course I designed with baby boomers specifically in mind. The lessons are arranged in an easy to digest way so that you can get the most out of them. Learn about the benefits of downsizing and the positive effects it can have on your life. 

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