Downsizing And Decluttering With Your Husband Or Wife 

Baby boomers, do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have? Do you want to start over and live a simpler life? The answer you’ve been looking for is simpler than you think. Through downsizing, you can declutter and simplify your life, giving you and your partner more time, money, and freedom to enjoy together.  

I’m Rita Wilkins, The Downsizing Designer. I reached a point in my life where I needed simplicity, and I achieved that by downsizing and giving away 95% of what I once owned. Now, I’m looking to help married baby boomer couples do the same. 

Talking With Your Partner About Downsizing 

While some baby boomers take on their downsizing journey alone, married baby boomers have to take into consideration their partner’s needs and desires as well. If you’re eager to downsize but aren’t sure how to approach the topic with your partner, don’t worry. I’m here to help! I’ve designed a unique course for baby boomers called How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less. One of the many topics I cover is how to talk with your partner about downsizing and decluttering. I guide you through the following: 

  • Getting the conversation started – Learn how to approach your partner about the possibility of downsizing. 
  • Tips for listening more deeply – It’s important to consider your partner’s perspective, so you’ll have to be prepared to listen. 
  • Getting to the root of your partner’s concerns – Understand your partner’s concerns and how they might be addressed. 
  • Expressing your own needs effectively – Express why you feel downsizing is the answer to your own need. 
  • And more! 

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