Boomers, You Can Downsize And Declutter Your Life 

Baby boomers, have you reached a point in your life where you crave simplicity? Do you feel stressed by clutter? Do you want to live a happier life with less stuff? If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time to downsize and simplify your life. My name is Rita Wilkins and I’m known as The Downsizing Designer. I’m eager to help you begin your downsizing journey. 

Are You And Your Partner Ready To Downsize? 

While some Baby boomers may be taking their downsizing journey on their own, there are many married baby boomer couples out there who are interested in starting over through downsizing together. 

Why Do Married Baby Boomers Want To Downsize? 

There are many things that can be the catalyst for starting your downsizing journey. Here are some of the reasons married baby boomers have decided to start over by downsizing and decluttering: 

  • An Empty Nest – When your children are grown and have moved out, it becomes necessary to consider what to do with both the things and the space they’ve left behind. Do you need as large a home without your children living with you? What things are important to you to keep, and which aren’t? 
  • Retirement Approaching – Retirement is also something married couples of baby boomer age are considering. It may be easier to live with less once you hit your retirement age. 
  • Managing Finances – If finances are tight, downsizing and decluttering could be a way to help get your finances in order. 

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