Is It Too Late To Downsize And Start Over? 

Downsizing and decluttering is a great way to get a fresh start and start over. Baby boomers, if you want to start over, declutter your home, and live a simpler life, then I can help. My name is Rita Wilkins and I am The Downsizing Designer. I simplified my life by downsizing and giving away 95% of what I once owned and I have never been happier. It’s not too late for you to start your downsizing journey! 

How Is Clutter Affecting Your Life? 

As you begin your journey, consider how clutter is affecting your life. In what ways can your life be improved once the clutter is removed? 

  • Mental Health – Some find that a disorganized, cluttered environment weighs them down and makes them feel drained. 
  • Finances – Accumulating clutter and even maintaining some of the items you have can be a financial strain. 
  • Focus – Is clutter distracting you? Are you able to focus on what you need to? 

These are just a few ways clutter can hurt your life. 

Baby Boomers, You Can Take Control And Declutter Through Downsizing 

The negative impacts of clutter on your life can be negated by downsizing. Baby boomers: now is the perfect time to begin your downsizing journey. I’ve designed a course, given through email, specifically to help baby boomers learn how to best plan their downsizing journies. This course is called How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less. In this course, I’ll teach you more about the negative impact of clutter, how to begin your journey, how to overcome emotional roadblocks, and more. 

Learn more about this course when you sign up: How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less.