How to Downsize and Simplify Your Life 

Many baby boomers are currently hitting a point in their lives where they feel a need to simplify. Perhaps you’re getting ready for retirement. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to save money. You may even just find that you have too many things to manage. Downsizing is the answer to many of the concerns in life that baby boomers have. When you choose to downsize, you’re choosing a simpler life with more time, freedom, and money to do what you want. 

Managing Your Emotions While Downsizing 

However, just because downsizing may be the solution you need doesn’t mean that it’s an easy process. Naturally, over the years we form attachments to the things we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with. Letting go can be hard. Baby boomers who choose to downsize and declutter their lives may feel any of the following emotions. 

  • Sadness or Grief – Letting go of something you’ve formed an attachment to may make you feel sad. Perhaps there are happy memories tied to the item. Perhaps certain items remind you of loved ones lost. 
  • Stress or Anxiety – You may experience anxiety over trying to get rid of items. After all, what if you need this item later? What if you regret letting it go? 
  • Uncertainty – It’s also natural to feel a bit of uncertainty as you go through the downsizing process. You may hit a point where you wonder why you wanted to do this in the first place. 

Learn How to Embrace Your Journey and Downsize Your Life 

Those negative emotions aren’t something you have to work through on your own. My name is Rita Wilkins, and I’m the downsizing designer. I’ve designed a course specifically to help baby boomers get started on their own downsizing journey. This course is called How to Downsize and Declutter for Boomers: Find Freedom in Living with Less. This course will come to you over a series of emails, offering you guidance on how to embrace the idea of downsizing, how to address the emotions you feel during the downsizing process, how to determine your vision, and more. Sign up today to start your downsizing journey!